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Essentials of Clinical Infectious Diseases, 2/e
William F. Wrigh
9780826127273 2018
Paperback USD 60.00
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Elder Abuse and the Public’s Health
Pamela B. Teaster
9780826171320 2018
Paperback USD 60.00
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The Path to Gay Rights
Jeremiah J. Garretson
9781479850075 2018
Paperback GBP 24.99
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The Management of Luxury, 2/e
Benjamin Berghaus, Günter Müller-Stewens
9780749481827 2018
Paperback GBP 29.99
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Decarbonizing Logistics
Alan McKinnon
9780749480479 2018
Hardbound GBP 39.99
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Brokering Peace in Nuclear Environments
Moeed Yusuf
9781503604858 2018
Hardbound GBP 46.00
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