Title A Descriptive Analysis of Tulu
Subtitle with Special Reference to the Relative Clause
Author Sebin Jose
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About the book


Tulu is one of the five Dravidian languages of South India. About 2.5 million people speak Tulu as their mother tongue. Tulu Nadu is a region where many languages are spoken. Tulu, derived from proto-Dravidian, is the predominant language spoken by Hindus of various castes and by the Jains of Tulu Nadu. Tulu is one of the developed languages that have not received the status of scheduled languages. The Tulu language, with its near extinct script, has been generating much enthusiasm amongst linguists, as it is now believed to be one of the oldest Dravidian languages.

The Tulu language does not have a script. It is a spoken language. This book will serve as an ideal launch pad for people to explore the language. It will also help to do further research in the language.

The relative marker is inherently present in a sentence in Tulu. We can clearly observe this in the written form of the language. But the tuluva people or the tuluvas do not prefer to use relative markers in their day-to-day conversation. They use relative markers in a rather standard or serious form. These relative markers in Tulu are perfectly grammatical. The relative clause of Tulu has a high level standard. The relative clause of other languages like Malayalam and English, unlike Tulu, are used in a casual way. There ought to be serious efforts to lay some background about Tulu syntax. It would help people to know how the relative clause in Tulu functions.


Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. General Literature on Relative Clauses

Chapter 3. Relativisation in Tulu

Chapter 4. Data Collection

Chapter 5. Analysis



About the Author:

Sebin Jose completed his graduation in English Literature from Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala, in 2010 and completed Bachelor of Education from the same University in 2011. His postgraduation was from the Central University of Kerala, Kasaragod, in 2014. He has more than five years of teaching experience. He is a talented English teacher especially in online coaching.

Target Audience:

This book will serve as an ideal launch pad for people to explore the Tulu language. It will also help to do further research in the language. It is also useful for linguists.


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