Title ICSE Mathematics Question Bank, Class10
Subtitle Based on the Latest ICSE Syllabus
Author Saumyajit Ganguly
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About the book


Fast Track Comprehensive Revision

Important Results and Concepts in each chapter

Wide variety of illustrative solved examples

Solved question bank

Solved Latest ICSE questions

Salient Features:

  • As per the latest ICSE Mathematics Syllabus.
  • Comprehensive discussion on all important concepts and results/formulae of all the topics.
  • Topic-wise, wide variety of questions with their model solutions.
  • Ample Illustrative Solved Examples have been given to make the concepts absolutely clear.
  • Solved Question Bank so that students could practice and understand the concepts in depth.
  • Latest ICSE Questions with solutions, to keep the students aware with examination.
  • Both Illustrative Solved Examples and Questions in Question Bank covering the entire ICSE syllabus.



Guidelines to Students

Syllabus - 2020

Part- I: Commercial Mathematics

Chapter 1. Goods and Service Tax (GST)

Chapter 2. Banking

Chapter 3. Shares and Dividends


PART-II: Algebra

Chapter 4. Linear Inequations

Chapter 5. Quandratic Equations in One Variable

Chapter 6. Ratio and Proportion

Chapter 7. Factorisation of Polynomials

Chapter 8. Matrices

Chapter 9. Arithmetic and Geometric Progression

Chapter 10. Co-ordinate Geometry (Unit-I)

Chapter 11. Co-ordinate Geometry (Unit-II)


PART III: Geometry

Chapter 12. Similarity

Chapter 13. Loci

Chapter 14. Circle (Unit-I) (Angle and Cyclic Properties)

Chapter 15. Circle (Unit-II) (Tangent and Secant Properties)

Chapter  16. Circles (Constructions)


PART-IV: Mensuration

Chapter 17. Three-Dimensional Solids


PART-V: Trigonometry

Chapter 18. Trigonometry (Unit-I)

Chapter 19. Trigonometry (Unit-II)


PART-VI: Statistics

Chapter 20. Statistics (Unit-I) (Arithmetic Mean, Median, Quartiles and Mode)

Chapter 21. Statistics (Unit-II) (Histogram and Ogive)


PART-VII: Probability

Chapter 22. Probability

About the Author:

Mr. Saumyajit Ganguly (M.Sc Applied Mathematics, B.Ed., Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science and Application) has a rich experience of more than 22 year, in the area of teaching Mathematics at ISC and ICSE level. Apart from teaching Mathematics he also worked as principal coordinator with the Mathematics and Computer Science department in Convent of Jesus and Mary, Dehradun for 15 years. He is presently working as Sr. Mathematics Teacher and Subject Coordinator of Mathematics Department in St. Thomas’ College Dehradun. Both are highly reputed and century old institution of Dehradun.

He has been associated with Council for Indian School Certificate Examination in different capacities. As a key member of the subject committee of Council for Indian School Certificate Examination, he played a very important role in the preparation of the new ISC Mathematics Syllabus.

He has also been associated in different capacities with Diploma/career related programme of International Baccalaureate.

Mr. Ganguly has also been conducting workshops and seminars as a resource person for ISC and ICSE level teachers and students of different ClSCE affiliated schools.

Target Audience:

Students of ICSE Mathematics of Class 10.

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