Title Mathematics for the IB Diploma
Subtitle Applications and Interpretation SL
Author Paul Fannon, Vesna Kadelburg, Ben Woolley, Stephen Ward
ISBN 9781510462380
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Follows the new 2019 IB Guide for Mathematics: applications and interpretation Standard Level

Enable students to construct mathematical models by exploring challenging problems and the use of technology.

  • Engage and excite students with examples and photos of maths in the real world, plus inquisitive starter activities to encourage their problem-solving skills
  • Build mathematical thinking with our ‘Toolkit’ and mathematical exploration chapter, along with our new toolkit feature of questions, investigations and activities
  • Develop understanding with key concepts and applications integrated throughout, along with TOK links for every topic
  • Prepare your students for assessment with worked examples, extended essay support and colour-coded questions to highlight the level of difficulty and the different types of questions
  • Check understanding with review exercise midway and at the end of the textbook.




The Toolkit and the Mathematical Exploration

Chapter 1: Core: Exponents and logarithms • Chapter 2: Core: Sequences • Chapter 3: Core: Functions • Chapter 4: Core: Coordinate geometry • Chapter 5: Core: Geometry and trigonometry • Chapter 6: Core: Statistics • Chapter 7: Core: Probability • Chapter 8: Core: Probability distributions • Chapter 9: Core: Differentiation • Chapter 10: Core: Integration


Applications and Interpretations

Chapter 11: Applications and interpretation: Number and finance • Chapter 12: Applications and interpretation: Solving equations with technology • Chapter 13: Applications and interpretation: Mathematical models • Chapter 14: Applications and interpretation: Geometry • Chapter 15: Applications and interpretation: Hypothesis testing • Chapter 16: Applications and interpretation: Differentiation





About the Authors:

The authors are all Cambridge University graduates and have a wide range of expertise in pure mathematics, and in applications of mathematics, including economics, epidemiology, linguistics, philosophy and natural sciences.

Between them they have considerable experience of teaching IB Diploma Mathematics at Standard and Higher Level, and two of them currently teach at the University of Cambridge.


Target Audience:

For IB Mathematics students.


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