Title Personal Project for MYP 4 & 5
Subtitle Skills for Success
Author Laura England, Angela Stancar Johnson
ISBN 9781510446595
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About the book


Become an independent, lifelong learner and achieve your best possible project grade, while strengthening and practising your ATL skills.

  • Engage in practical explorations through a cycle of inquiry, action and reflection.
  • Build ATL skills with strategies, detailed examiner advice, expert tips, and infographics in every chapter for visual learners.
  • Clarify IB requirements with concise and clear explanations, including assessment objectives and rules on academic honesty.
  • Foster the attributes of the IB learner profile with explicit reference made throughout to link with your research.
  • Progress independently through your project with advice, tips and common mistakes to avoid.



Chapter 1: Understanding the Personal Project objectives

Chapter 2: The Process Journal

Chapter 3: Investigating

Chapter 4: Planning

Chapter 5: Taking action

Chapter 6: Reflecting

Chapter 7: Reporting the Personal Project

Chapter 8: The role of the supervisor

Chapter 9: Managing the process and your time

Chapter 10: The moderation process


Tips for a successful Personal Project

Example reports


About the Authors:

Laura England has for the past 7 years worked as a Language and Literature teacher at Good Shepherd Lutheran College, the sole IB World School in topical and northernmost part of Australia, Darwin. She became the MYP Coordinator and MYP Projects Coordinator for Good Shepherd Lutheran College in 2013 and for a two year period within this timeframe also held the role of the Head of Design. Over the past 7 years she has come to see the seemingly endless possibilities of the Personal Project for her students.

Angela Stancar Johnson is Head of Faculty (English) at Southbank International School. She has served as Personal Project Coordinator and implemented the Community Project in the first year of the MYP: Next Chapter. She has taught all levels of MYP Language & Literature as well as both DP Literature and Language & Literature at Higher and Standard Levels. She has served as a DP examiner for Language & Literature HL and SL and MYP moderator for the Personal Project, and examining the MYP Interdisciplinary eAssessment.

Target Audience:

For IB Middle Year Programme students.

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