Title Access to History for Cambridge International AS Level: Modern Europe 1750-1921
Author Nicholas Fellows, Mike Wells
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This title is endorsed by Cambridge Assessment International Education

Develop knowledge and analytical skills with engaging comprehensive coverage of the Modern Europe 1750-1921 Option from the Cambridge AS History syllabus for first examination from 2021.

  • Trust in the clear and authoritative content written by topic experts
  • Develop source skills through questions on a wide range of sources
  • Stay focused on the key issues you need to understand with questions throughout each chapter
  • Improve study and understanding through detailed chapter summary diagrams
  • Build confidence with applying your knowledge through exam guidance and exam-style questions


Introduction • What you will study • How you will be assessed • About this book

Chapter 1: France, 1774–1814 • What were the causes and immediate outcomes of the 1789 Revolution? • Why were French governments unstable from 1790 to 1795? • Why was Napoleon Bonaparte able to overthrow the Directory in 1799? • What were Napoleon Bonaparte’s domestic aims and achievements from 1799 to 1814? • Examination advice and practice

Chapter 2: The Industrial Revolution in Britain, 1750–1850 • What were the causes of the Industrial Revolution? • Why was there a rapid growth of industrialization after 1780? • Why, and with what consequences, did urbanization result from industrialization? • Why, and with what consequences, did industrialization result in popular protest and political change? • Examination advice and practice

Chapter 3: Liberalism and Nationalism in Germany, 1815–71 • What were the causes of the Revolutions in 1848–49? • What were the consequences of the 1848–49 Revolutions? • What were Bismarck’s intentions for Prussia and Germany from 1862 to 1866? • How and why was the unification of Germany achieved by 1871? • Examination advice and practice

Chapter 4: The Russian Revolution, 1894–1921 • What were the causes and outcomes of the 1905 Revolution up to 1914? • What were the causes and immediate outcomes of the February Revolution in 1917? • How and why did the Bolsheviks gain power in October 1917? • How were the Bolsheviks able to consolidate their power up to 1921? • Examination advice and practice



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Students and teachers of Cambridge International AS Level: International History.


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