Title Cambridge International AS & A Level Computer Science
Author David Watson, Helen Williams
ISBN 9781510457591
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Publishing year 2019
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This title is endorsed by Cambridge Assessment International Education to support the full syllabus for examination from 2021.

Develop computational thinking and ensure full coverage of the revised Cambridge Assessment International Education AS & A Level Computer Science syllabus (9608) with this comprehensive Student’s Book written by experienced authors and examiners.

  • Improve understanding with clear explanations, examples, illustrations and diagrams, plus a glossary of key terms
  • Reinforce learning with a range of activities, exercises, and exam-style questions
  • Prepare for further study with extension activities that go beyond the requirements of the syllabus and prompt further investigation about new developments in technology
  • Follow a structured route through the course with in-depth coverage of the full AS & A Level syllabus




Chapter 1: Information representation • Data representation • Multimedia • File compression

Chapter 2: Communication • Networks including the internet

Chapter 3: Hardware • Memory and storage • Logic gates and logic circuits

Chapter 4: Processor fundamentals • Central processing unit (CPU) architecture • Assembly language • Bit manipulation

Chapter 5: System software • Operating system • Language translators

Chapter 6: Security, privacy and data integrity • Security, privacy and data integrity • Data validation and data verification

Chapter 7: Ethics and ownership • Legal, moral, ethical and cultural implications • Copyright issues • Artificial intelligence (AI)

Chapter 8: Databases • Database concepts • Database management systems (DBMs) • Data definition language (DDL) and data manipulation language (DML)

Chapter 9: Algorithm design and problem-solving • Computational thinking skills • Algorithms

Chapter 10: Data types and structures • Data types and records • Arrays • Files • Introduction to abstract data types (ADT)

Chapter 11: Programming • Programming basics • Constructs • Built-in-functions • Structured programming

Chapter 12: Software development • Program development lifecycle • Program design • Program testing and maintenance


Chapter 13: Data representation • User-defined data types • File organisation and access • Floating-point numbers, representation and manipulation

Chapter 14: Communication and internet technologies • Protocols • Circuit switching, packet switching

Chapter 15: Hardware • Processors and parallel processing • Boolean algebra and logic circuits

Chapter 16: System software • Purposes of an operating system (OS) • Translation software

Chapter 17: Security • Encryption, encryption protocols and digital certificates

Chapter 18: Artificial intelligence • Artificial intelligence

Chapter 19: Computational thinking and problem solving • Algorithms • Recursion

Chapter 20: Further programming • Programming paradigms • File processing and exception handling



Target Audience:

Students and teachers of AS & A Level Computer Science.


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