Title The Retail Start-Up Book
Subtitle Successfully Plan, Launch and Grow a Business
Author Rowland Gee, Danny Sloan, Graham Symes
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“Retail is detail! If I had the benefit of reading this book before I opened my first shop in The Royal Exchange, it would have been plain sailing.”

Simon Crowther, Senior Executive in the retail, clothing and manufacturing industry


“When we first introduced the Hugo Boss brand to the UK, Rowland Gee fully understood the brand philosophy and its potential. Our unique marketing strategy, as well as the advanced styling and use of new materials, were warmly welcomed by the Cecil Gee clientele. This led to the eventual development of Hugo Boss standalone shops which were managed and run successfully by Rowland’s company without ever compromising the ethos of the brand. This book highlights his wealth of experience and his expertise in retail.”

Detlef Doerge, former Managing Director, Hugo Boss UK


“There are many grey areas in business along with the noise created by excessive information that doesn’t address the real issues. The Retail Start-Up Book provides practical, up-to-date information from seasoned businessmen. It’s an invaluable resource for anyone starting a business.”

Toks Aruoture, Founder, The Baby Cot Shop


“Rowland was and still is one of the most passionate retailers on the UK high street. His energy has always stood out, as have his taste levels. He always taught those around him to have a can-do attitude in all circumstances, and The Retail Start-Up Book is a manifestation both of his enthusiasm and the generosity with which he offers guidance to new businesses.”

Simon Berwin, former Managing Director, Berwin & Berwin Ltd


“Rowland Gee came on board at Me and Maya as a consultant for a year in 2016 to help streamline the business and steer it in the right direction. His help was invaluable in making me realize the brand had a market and that I should pursue selling online. This book brings much of that advice into one resource.”

Lalita Russell-Smith, Founder, Me and Maya


The retail market in the UK is worth more than £400 billion annually and employs over 3 million workers, while in the US 29 million people create over USD $4 trillion of revenue through the industry. Despite the challenge to establish stores and big-box retailers, there’s a rapid increase in the number of retail start-ups and consistent growth in the independent sector. From beard shops and barbers, through cafes and coffee shops, to ‘retailment’ concept stores and boutique consumer-focused experiences, the specialist retail sector is booming.

The Retail Start-Up Book provides clear guidance and advice on how to develop a winning retail strategy that seamlessly merges online and offline tactics. Introducing the science of shopping and how to understand customer behaviours and needs, it explores the essential steps of developing a business plan, marketing and promoting a business and advising on buying and visual merchandising. Building on years of retail experience nationally and internationally, in large groups and with independent retailers, The Retail Start-Up Book meticulously provide invaluable practical insights to help new retailers hit the floor running, or more established organizations grow their business and nurture their profits.




Part One: Getting to Grips with Retail

Chapter 1: The issues facing the UK retail trade today • Financial statistics • The online phenomenon • Start-ups statistics and business size definitions • VAT and the start-up • Point of Consumption (POC) tax • Retail space • Household spending per head • Charity shops • References and useful resources


Part Two: Creating Your Retail Marketing Plan

Chapter 2: Analysing and positioning your retail business in the existing market • Understand the market • Your place in the market • Key steps • References and useful resources

Chapter 3: Generating a powerful SWOT analysis for your retail business • Self-analysis • References and useful resources

Chapter 4: Planning your retail marketing strategy • Assumptions • Objectives • Creating your overall strategy statement • Start planning your retail marketing strategy • References and useful resources

Chapter 5: Building your retail marketing mix • What is the retail marketing mix? • References and useful resources

Chapter 6: Winning in retail – know your market, know your customer • Capturing marketplace insights • Connecting with customers • References and useful resources

Chapter 7: Understanding the basic principles of shopping • What makes potential customers buy?

Chapter 8: Attracting and retaining customers online, using on-brand content and social media • Creating an on-brand website • Using social media effectively • Getting your content shared • Useful tools available • Getting started with social media channels • References and useful resources


Part Three: Effective Finance Planning and Control

Chapter 9: How to kickstart your retail business • Starting your business and selecting a structure • Choosing a bank, fundraising, VAT and addressing costs • Preparing for a fundraising ‘pitch’ – be aware of investors’ golden rules • References and useful resources

Chapter 10: Generating a results-driven business plan • The business plan and control • Financial planning for your business plan • References and useful resources

Chapter 11: A straightforward guide to sales, stock and profit • Research the market to formulate your assumptions and projections • Key metrics • Related issues to consider after three months of operation • References and useful resources

Chapter 12: Selection and management of retail systems and controls • Examine the numbers, closely • References and useful resources


Part Four: Buying and Visual Merchandising

Chapter 13: Step one to procurement and merchandising: Understand your business and the marketplace you will be entering • Choose whether to be an ‘evergreen’ or a ‘seasonal’ retailer • References and useful resources

Chapter 14: Efficient buying techniques to make money • A retail start-up’s place in the market • Brand authority: what this means and how it is represented • Planning what to buy • Why stock turn is so important • Developing a ‘private label’ or ‘own brand’ • Adding value to your brand • The buying calendar • References and useful resources

Chapter 15: Controlling and measuring product performance & establishing KPIs • Stock control: know what you’re selling and capture every detail • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) • References and useful resources

Chapter 16: Building and maintaining relationships in retail for long-term returns • The team and your role • Customers and dual pricing • Landlords, concessions and suppliers • References and useful resources

Chapter 17: Understanding customers’ behaviour and information overload: The need to make the product focused, visually clear and correctly price-positioned • Customer shopping behaviour • References and useful resources

Chapter 18: Maximizing customer feedback and the visual experience • It’s a crowded market • Understanding your customer • On the outside looking in and displaying your best side • References and useful resources

Chapter 19: Visual merchandising: Managing space performance, layout and add-on selling to encourage purchase • Measuring and analysing space performance and add-on selling • References and useful resources

Chapter 20: Creating your global signpost through online merchandising • An effective online presence • References and useful resources


Part Five: Challenges for bricks-and-mortar retailers

Chapter 21: Understanding your lease – and how local authorities can benefit you • Understand your lease • The roles of government and local authorities • A brief overview of the landlord and tenant act • The role and influence of the enlightened local authority • References and useful resources


Part Six: How Good Should Become Sensational

Chapter 22: Why good today is not good enough in the current retail trade • Sensational retailers • How you can become sensational • References and useful resources

Conclusion: Your journey




About the Authors:

Rowland Gee is the co-founder of Grey4Gold Ltd a offering mentoring and support to SME retailers. He has over 30 years broad-based experience in the retail sector, running publicly listed companies. He was appointed Chief Executive of Moss Bros Group plc in 1989 and a period of financial success and building significant market share in men’s clothing. Under his leadership, Moss Bros entered a strategic and extremely valuable business relationship with Hugo Boss, resulting in 17 high profile Hugo Boss stores being established in the UK.

Danny Sloan is co-founder of Grey4Gold Ltd. He had a 25 year career at BAA and was BAA Director of Planning 2012 to ensure BAA airports delivered the First and Lasting Impression for UK plc across its airports during the London Olympics. He is a Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Graham Symes is an experienced finance director working across the retail and wholesale fashion sectors. His clients have included Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Selfridges, as well as Christian Lacroix and their parent company LVMH.

Target Audience:

This book meticulously provide invaluable practical insights to help new retailers hit the floor running, or more established organizations grow their business and nurture their profits.

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