Title Reinventing the Product
Subtitle How to Transform your Business and Create Value in the Digital Age
Author Eric Schaeffer, David Sovie
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Eric Schaeffer and David Sovie bring some great new insights into the product arena of the future that have broad implications. With grounded skill and enthusiasm Reinventing the Product makes a stringent case for companies to rethink their product strategy, their product road map and their digital capabilities.”

Patrick Koller, CEO, Faurecia

“Powerful factors, such as the rapid rise of cloud computing, high-speed networks and Artificial Intelligence, are converging, requiring all product companies to fundamentally transform their products and their company. David Sovie and Eric Schaeffer bring fresh thinking and inspiring practical advice for successfully managing this digital transformation and creating value.”

Marco Argenti, Vice President Technology, Amazon Web Services

“Deeply researched and full of innovative insights about AI, platforms and smart products. The ‘Product Reinvention Quotient’ provides great guidance on how to think about Product X.0 and how to develop a set of capabilities that are necessary to succeed in the future.”

Guido Jouret, Chief Digital Officer, ABB

“The nature of product innovation is fundamentally changing. Reinventing the Product shows how to combine hardware, software and business model innovation in an agile way, to meet fast-changing needs in a world of smart-connected devices. It provides compelling and inspiring case studies and examples to help your company find a way that fits best.”

Yoon Lee, Ph. D., Senior Vice President and Division Head Content and Services, Product Innovation Team, Samsung Electronics America

Eric Schaeffer did it again. After his spearheading Industry X.0, which has inspired our team of entrepreneurs to adapt our digital strategy creatively, he now co-authors with David Sovie a brilliant, richly detailed roadmap to the digital future for all product making companies. No doubt: this is again a must-read.”

Zhang Ruimin, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO, Haier Group

“Well researched, with vivid illustrations and concrete suggestions, this valuable guide can help firms and leaders to build a new set of priorities and capabilities to succeed in a shifting, digital landscape.”

Professor Michael G. Jacobides, Sir Donald Gordon Chair of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, London Business School

“In a time of digitally induced seismic shifts across all fronts, Reinventing the Product captures the impact of this change and thoughtfully develops new value-creation approaches in product development and manufacturing. A groundbreaking book.”

Phil Jansen, Vice President Product Development, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Reinventing the Product is a practical guide for harnessing IoT and AI to transform the very basis of a company’s offerings. This is a must-read for industrial manufacturers looking to ensure their businesses remain relevant in the digital age.”

Tim O’Keeffe, CEO, Symmons Industries

“Digital technologies such as AI, advanced analytics, edge computing, cloud and blockchain are transforming our lives fast. Thoroughly researched, Reinventing the Product doesn’t just describe the emergence of a fascinating new product landscape that is shifting from traditional to smart connected products, including autonomous products. It is also an inspiring call-to-action for companies so seize enormous new opportunities fast - good for them, good for users and customers, good for growth and progress of societies.”

Professor Dr Christoph Lütge, Peter Löscher Chair of Business Ethics and Global Governance, Technical University of Munich

David Sovie and Eric Schaeffer lay out a powerful new framework for how to evolve both the product and business strategy needed to succeed in the digital age, and they provide fresh and very concrete recommendations on how to implement it pragmatically. Reinventing the Product should be required reading for all product company executives and their managers.”

Bill Bien, Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Strategy, Signify

“This book offers a deep analysis of the major shifts product companies are facing, and provides a well-elaborated blueprint for their future success. Every leader in the industry should learn from this book.”

James E. Heppelmann, President and CEO, PTC

Reinventing the Product not only looks thoroughly at how the disruptive waves of digital technologies will affect product companies (including the subscription economy), it draws on a deep analysis of the five profound shifts they face to provide strategic and practical how-to advice for businesses as they develop digital products. An inspirational call-to-action.”

Eric Chaniot, Chief Digital Officer, Michelin

“The swiftly emerging world of intelligent smart connected products will reshape industries, business processes, and consumer experiences. Reinventing the Product is an important and essential guide for business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors, looking to chart the course and unlock the value of this important trend.”

Paul R. Daugherty, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, Co-author of the bestseller Human + Machine: Reimagining Work in the Age of AI, Accenture

“A comprehensive analysis on the digitally driven big shifts product-making companies are facing. And a detailed roadmap to innovate and capture the endless opportunities in a fascinating new product world.”

Raghunath Mashelkar, National Research Professor and Chairman, Reliance Innovation Council

“In their inspiring new book Eric Schaeffer and Dave Sovie not only show the fundamental shifts product companies are exposed to in digital times; they also provide creative analytical tools and concrete how-to advice for these companies to innovate, stay profitable and grow.”

Cyril Perducat, Executive Vice President, Internet of Things & Digital Offers, Schneider Electric

Eric Schaeffer and Dave Sovie provide a rare encompassing view on there invention of the product, re-imagining the current digital transformationtrend. Original, remarkably thoughtful and with high practical relevance on every page.”

Richard Mark Soley, PhD, Chairman and CEO, Object Management Group; Executive Director, Industrial Internet Consortium

“This is a fascinating book on how we should rethink and manage product making in disruptive times. New perspectives, fresh concepts, unexpected ideas abound. A must-read for any leader and manager in product companies.”

Pascal Daloz, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Strategy Officer, Dassault Systèmes


Digital technology is simultaneously friend and foe: highly disruptive, yet it cannot be ignored. Companies that fail to make use of it put themselves in the line of fire for disintermediation or even eradication. But digital technology is also the biggest opportunity to reposition incumbent product-making businesses by thinking about how they conceive, make, distribute and support the next generation of goods in the marketplace.

Reinventing the Product looks at the ways traditional products are transforming into smart connected products and ecosystem platforms at a rate much faster than most organizations think. Eric Schaeffer and David Sovie show how this reinvention is made possible: by AI and digital technologies, such as IoT sensors, blockchain, advanced analytics, cloud and edge computing. They show how to deliver truly intelligent, and potentially even autonomous, products with the more personalized and compelling experiences that today’s users, consumers and enterprises expect.

Reinventing the Product makes a stringent case for companies to rethink their product strategy, their innovation and engineering processes, and the entire culture to build the future generations of successful ‘living products’. Featuring case studies from global organizations such as Faurecia, Signify, Symmons and Haier and interviews with thought leaders and business executives from top companies including Amazon, ABB, Tesla, Samsung and Google, this book provides practical advice for product-making companies as they embark on, or accelerate, their digitization journey.


About the authors

Foreword by Paul Daugherty



Introduction • New technology, new perspectives • Product X.0: a product becomes a service with experience • Platforms and ecosystems: the new product habitats • Reinvention mandate: engineering in the new • How to use this book

Part One: Enter the new: smart connected products for the digital age

Chapter 1: The digital transformation of product making – happening faster than you think! • Digital eclipses hardware as a value source • Dual needs: digital transformation and product reinvention • Navigating the disruption: six digital imperatives • Different sectors, different degrees of disruption • Takeaways

Chapter 2: Trends driving the case for product reinvention • Outputs combine to become outcomes • Value shifts across the chain • Industrial consumerism, simplicity and ease at any time • Accelerating the pace of innovation • The power of personalized experience • Ecosystems as the new force • Takeaways

Part Two: The digital reinvention of the product

Chapter 3: A radically new kind of product: adaptive | collaborative | proactive | responsible • The Product Reinvention Grid • From traditional to reinvented products: 10 traits • The Product Reinvention Quotient • The future here, start now • Takeaways

Chapter 4: Big Shift One: From features to experience • The slow but certain waning of the feature economy • Experience: a quantum leap beyond features and services • The differences between B2B and B2C experiences • Engineering user experience • Good and bad experiences • Human + machine experiences for the industrial worker • What’s at stake? • Takeaways

Chapter :5 Big Shift Two: From hardware to ‘as a service’ • Software industry leads the way • Product as a service • It is an enterprise-wide challenge • Takeaways

Chapter 6: Big Shift Three: From product to platform • Platforms: the new dominant driver of value creation • Many types of platform, not all are alike • Nine key components of a successful platform • The imperative of platforms for product makers • The product makers finding the way • Internet platform giants: friend and foe? • Takeaways

Chapter 7: Big Shift Four: From mechanical to artificial intelligence (AI) • AI: a quantum leap for product companies • Three factors enabling the rise of AI • The unstoppable ascendancy of voice • AI in every product • The AI pathfinders • Time to get artificially smart • Takeaways

Chapter 8: Big Shift Five: From linear to agile engineering in the New • The path from linearity to ‘experiment and scale’ • Ideate, launch and iterate in cycles • Flattened hierarchies and fluid organizations for greater agility • ‘Engineering in the New’ to achieve 10X digital factor • From ageing products to evergreen design • As-a-service business models determine hardware features • Integrating engineering and IT for agility • Twinning and threading your product • Takeaways

Part Three: The journey to the reinvented product

Chapter 9: Seven pivotal capabilities for managing the reinvention of the product • 1. Design ‘flexagility’ • 2. Agile engineering in the new • 3. Data augmentation, leveraging AI • 4. ‘As-a-service’ competencies • 5. The experience-driven workforce • 6. Ecosystem orchestration •
7. Pervasive security • Takeaways

Chapter 10: The roadmap to success with living products and services • Marker 1: Definition of vision and value spaces • Marker 2: Digitization of the core business to fund expansion • Marker 3: Sketching the smart connected product roadmap • Marker 4: Creation of a digital innovation factory to accelerate the change • Marker 5: Setting up a digitally skilled organization to enable friction-free execution • Marker 6: Tracking results to constantly adjust course • Marker 7: Starting the pivot now instead of waiting for the New • Takeaways

Chapter 11: Insights from the field • Tesla: ‘The same Tesla car a customer bought in 2013 is today a much better car than it was then – due to software updates.’ • NIO: ‘We worked like software developers – so that we could innovate and iterate the car experience quickly and very close to market demands.’ • Samsung: ‘Innovation is always a balancing act – there is a technology push and there is a consumer pull, there is yin and yang.’ • Dassault Systèmes: ‘When you connect virtual to real, people imagine, invent, build, manufacture, collaborate, distribute, sell, maintain, repair and service all in the same environment.’ • PTC: ‘You don’t go to bed as an industrial company and wake up as a software company. It’s a lot harder than that.’ • Caterpillar: ‘Roads tend to be 3D-printed these days — and only smart connected machinery can pull that off.’ • HP Inc: ‘Hey HP, we really like what you do in the print arena. Could you also do for us in the PC space what you do in your managed print services?’ • Mindtribe: ‘Connected hardware product development is broken today. It is too slow and too expensive.’ • Amazon: ‘Tapping into third-party platforms can be advantageous versus building all of these skills internally.’ • Google: ‘Every product will utilize AI within the next decade.’ • Professor Michael G. Jacobides, Sir Donald Gordon Chair of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, London Business School: ‘The rise of the smart connected product is part and parcel of the development of seamless ecosystems customized to user needs.’

Chapter 12: Reinvented products in action • Putting a platform before the palate: Case Study Haier Group • Get behind the wheel and… relax, work or socialize! Case study Faurecia • LED there be smart light! Case Study Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) • Turning pipe dreams into a digital business: Case Study Symmons Water Management

Part Four: Future product realities

Chapter 13: Outlook 2030: How the reinvented product governs our lives – a crowd-sourced story of innovation in five takes • Take 1: Farming means high tech • Take 2: Private life is fully digitally curated • Take 3: Ownership. Owner… what? • Take 4: Feel at home or at work on the road • Take 5: The polite Frankenstein creatures we all love

Takeaways at a glance

Glossary of terms



About the Authors:

Eric Schaeffer leads, as a Senior Managing Director, Accenture’s Product Industry X.0 practice, bringing together services across innovation, engineering and product development, manufacturing and digital operations, and product services optimization. He is also the Global Lead for Accenture’s Industrial practice, helping automotive, industrial equipment and infrastructure companies to digitally reinvent their businesses and create a new level of innovation and efficiency across the extended connected value chain.

David Sovie is Senior Managing Director at Accenture, and Global Lead for High-Tech Industry where he helps clients digitally reinvent their business across the entire value chain. He also leads the Industry X.0 consulting unit for Accenture’s Communications, Media and Technology group, which provides digital transformation services across the innovation, engineering, manufacturing and product support business functions.

Target Audience:

A must-read for industrial manufacturers and investors looking to ensure their businesses remain relevant in the digital age.

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