Title Wild Thinking
Subtitle 25 Unconventional Ideas to Grow Your Brand and Your Business
Author Nick Liddell , Richard Buchanan
ISBN 9780749484507
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Who is McLaren’s greatest nemesis?

What disappoints Ocado about their competitors?

What wakes Google up at 4am?

Why does Wimbledon sweat the small stuff?

Wild Thinking will provide readers with the confidence to run their business differently, through unique access to thinking from the most original organizations in business today.

The most successful businesses in the world are singular in their goals, yet they express them in many different and creative ways, allowing them to own a space that’s distinctly theirs. This book provides access to previously untold stories of how brand leaders at some of the most interesting global businesses solve their biggest challenges.

Including interviews with Google, Ocado, McLaren, Comic Relief, V&A, National Trust, Dropbox and more, each chapter of Wild Thinking explores a different question about life and work, ending with a single-minded point of view to help you consider your business from a new perspective.

It’s hard to keep up and stand out in constantly growing and changing markets. To succeed you need absolute clarity about what your brand and business offers; it’s time to break the rules.



Chapter 1: Who or what is your brand’s nemesis? • McLaren: Focusing on the right enemy

Chapter 2: What wakes your brand up at 4am? • Google: How to learn to stop worrying and love the bomb

Chapter 3: Is your role to make people want things or make things people want? • The V&A: No nudges needed

Chapter 4: You can choose between having a great culture and a brilliant strategy. Which do you opt for? • Southampton Football Club: Strategy development as a form of cultural engagement

Chapter 5: What role does kindness play in your work? • Killik & Co: Bringing intelligent kindness to investments

Chapter 6: What’s the most offensive word in the world in relation to your brand? • Tom Kerridge: Don’t call him an artist

Chapter 7: What kind of higher human need is your brand responding to? Friendship? Belonging? Calm? Confidence? Love? • National Trust: Subhead goes here

Chapter 8: Outside the world of business, where do you look for inspiration? • Twinings: Tea is the answer

Chapter 9: What could you eliminate from your business today that you suspect no one would miss? • Ownable: The intention economy in action

Chapter 10: Is it more important for your business to be reliable or innovative? • Gap: Reliability through innovation

Chapter 11: What would be worse: customers not taking your brand seriously, or finding you boring? • CH&CO: How to build a brand through bravery

Chapter 12: Do your colleagues see your brand the same way as your customers? • Ascot: Raising the Standard

Chapter 13: Which of your brand’s flaws have you learned to ignore? • Ocado: Adaptive and authentic since the year 2000

Chapter 14: Should parents give children what they need or what they want? • TI Media: Delivering win-win transformation

Chapter 15: If your brand took a lie detector test, the most nerve-racking question would be... • One Feeds Two: Refusing to use baloney to feed children in poverty

Chapter 16: What does the word ‘quality’ mean in the context of your brand? • Lidl: Big on quality, Lidl on price

Chapter 17: You are called in to perform a pre-mortem on your brand. You predict the cause of death will come from... • Shackleton: A case study in snatching victory from the jaws of defeat

Chapter 18: How often do you embark on projects where you feel real anxiety and uncertainty about the outcome? • Comic Relief: Emotional honesty at work

Chapter 19: What disappoints you most about your competitors? • Time Out: How to become a part of the cultural fabric

Chapter 20: What do customers mistakenly believe about your industry? What can you do to change that? • The Royal Institute of British Architects: Understanding begins at home

Chapter 21: Which other businesses are you secretly a little bit jealous of? • Yusen Logistics: A triumph of humility over hype

Chapter 22: Does your team operate like an orchestra or an improvisational jazz band? • Dropbox: More enlightened ways of working

Chapter 23: You are at a party and overhear someone denigrating marketing as no better than exploitation. How do you feel? •
Breast Cancer Now: A big problem requires a bold brand

Chapter 24: What’s the smallest detail you can think of that makes the biggest difference to how your brand is perceived? •
The Championships, Wimbledon: Developing a fine sense of detail

Chapter 25: Do you have enough fun at work? • The Clearing: Fun, fame and financial reward



About the Authors:

Nick Liddell is Director of Consultancy for award-winning brand consultancy The Clearing. He helps clients grow their brands by developing clear and compelling strategy, and has worked with some of the world’s brightest and best - from Prada and Eurostar to McLaren, Wimbledon and Amex. He’s a published author, frequent event speaker and regular contributor to marketing, brand and business titles.

Richard Buchanan is Managing Director and one of the founding partners behind the award-winning brand consultancy The Clearing. With over twenty years experience Buchanan has helped both start-up and iconic international brands discover their ‘Clear Defendable Territory.’ From McLaren and Fitness First to Wimbledon and Ocado - Richard specialises in connecting businesses and brands with their customer. And as a straight-talking Mancunian with a passion for design and innovation, he regularly comments, writes and speaks about marketing, branding and design. Over the past eight years, Buchanan and The Clearing have won more than thirty industry awards - including D&AD, DBA Design Effectiveness and The Drum’s Brand Consultancy of the Year.

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This book gives unconventional ideas to grow your brand and business.

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