Title Wellbeing at Work
Subtitle How to Design, Implement and Evaluate an Effective Strategy
Author Cary Cooper, Ian Hesketh
ISBN 9780749480684
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“Wellbeing should be at the core of our thinking about work and the workplace for the future. This book provides great insights on why it is so important, and clear guidance on how to think strategically to make a real difference to all our people, which is good for them, good for positive organizational outcomes, and ultimately good for our wider economy and society as well.”

Peter Cheese, Chief Executive, CIPD


“Hesketh and Cooper take cutting-edge science and their own pioneering findings and translate them into an essential practical guide for HR and organizational leaders. This must-have guide walks workplace leaders and HR through the right paths to healthy, more productive, and humane workplaces while avoiding pitfalls along the way. Now, follow the leaders!”

Dr. James Campbell Quick, Distinguished University Professor, University of Texas at Arlington, USA


“This is an important and timely book that offers excellent practical and current guidance for all leaders - helping them enhance the wellbeing of those they lead.”

—Chief Constable Mike Cunningham, CEO, College of Policing, England and Wales


Stress at work is rising year on year, long hours are becoming the norm and presenteeism is increasing across all industries. This is not only having a detrimental effect on employee health, happiness and productivity, but is also impacting the bottom line. HR professionals are uniquely placed to manage this modern workplace crisis by implementing a wellbeing strategy. Wellbeing at Work is an essential, practical guide to designing and implementing an effective strategy that will reduce employee anxiety, increase staff engagement and improve overall performance.

Written by leading experts in the field, Wellbeing at Work takes readers through the entire process, from explaining why a wellbeing strategy is necessary in a fast-changing world of work and technological transformation to building momentum around it, and monitoring, measuring and evaluating its impact. The book also identifies common pitfalls and problems, and how to avoid them, explores important legislative considerations and provides example exercises and tools to use throughout the process. Full of advice, tips and insights from real-world case studies, this is the only book you will need to create a happier, more productive and more profitable organization.



Chapter 1: Why wellbeing, why now? • Introduction • Wellbeing • Psychological wellbeing • Physiological wellbeing • Societal wellbeing • Financial wellbeing • Four conspirators • VUCA • NICE • Ageing workforce • Technology • Remote working • Discretionary effort • Strategy • Summary • Key takeaways from this chapter • References

Chapter 2: Getting started • Introduction • The basics • Leadership • Leadership summary • Creating the right environment • Resilience • Summary • Key takeaways from this chapter • References

Chapter 3: Promoting workplace wellbeing • Introduction • Personal resilience • Stress • Trauma • The Resilience Prescription • Wellbeing and engagement • Training programmes • Training providers • Course content • Summary • Key takeaways from this chapter • References

Chapter 4: Problems and pitfalls • Introduction • Focus • Mindset • Management by metrics • Sporting analogy • Flow • Culture • Cultural Web • Change readiness • Stigma • Summary • Key takeaways from this chapter • References

Chapter 5: Monitoring and evaluating • Introduction • Strategy • Ethics • Measurement • Data • Effectiveness • Efficiency • Productivity • Performance • Happiness • Evaluation • Summary • Key takeaways from this chapter • References

Chapter 6: Tools and legislation • Introduction • Tools • Good practice • Legislation • Summary • Final key takeaways and considerations • References



About the Authors:

Ian Hesketh is the Wellbeing Lead for the UK College of Policing and Support for the National Forum for Health and Wellbeing at Work, University of Manchester. He is an Honorary Researcher at Lancaster University Management School and a Visiting Fellow at the Open University.

Professor Sir Cary Cooper is the President of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and Distinguished Professor of Organizational Psychology and Health at Lancaster University and the University of Manchester. In 2015 and 2016, he was voted the most influential HR thinker by HR Magazine.

Target Audience:

Useful for HR and organisational leaders.

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