Title The Writer’s Guide to Self-Editing
Subtitle Essential Tips for Online and Print Publication
Author Naveed Saleh
ISBN 9781476671598
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Publishing year 2019
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With advances in technology, publication has changed. Editors no longer serve as gatekeepers–especially with respect to online publication. However, this independence often comes at a price: lack of editorial oversight and assistance. This book will help you self-edit your work for publication. Even if you’re working with an editor, this book will aid in your preparation of a nonfiction documents that will require little editorial revision.

The tips and principles detailed in this book apply to a wide range of print and online publications, including articles for general and academic audiences. This book is both prescriptive and descriptive, drawing from stylebooks, dictionaries, corpus-based research, and more to provide a full picture of both style and grammar. Furthermore, this book presents techniques that boost search-engine optimization (SEO) and engagement of Internet audiences. Never before has a reference text combined style, linguistics, and Internet best practices to guide all forms of publication.




Part I: Style

Adverb Placement • Articles • Comparison-Formations • Personal Pronouns • Plurals • Prepositions • Present and Past Participles • Subject-Verb Agreement • Tenses • Who and Whom

Part II: Diction

Attributive Nouns • Clear Antecedents • Comparisons • Core Modals • Figurative Language • Idioms • Jargon • Left-Branching Sentences • Misplaced Modifiers • Negations • Nominalizations • Noun Choice • Noun Strings • Parallelism • Passive Voice • Powerhouse Verbs • Preposition Stranding • Progressive Tense: A Linguistics Perspective • Relative Pronouns • Subjunctive Mood • Transition Words and Phrases • Using “as well as” • Verbals • Word Usage • Wordiness

Part III: Mechanics

Abbreviations • Capitalization • Contractions • Interjections • Italics • Numbers • Orthography

Part IV: Punctuation

Colons • Commas • Ellipsis Points • Exclamation Points • Interrupters • Possessive Forms • Punctuating Appositives • Question Marks • Quotations • Semicolons • Slashes

Part V: Organization

Headers • Lists • Paragraphs • Sentence Length • Tables • Titles and Headlines

Part VI: Online Publication

Header Tags: Titles, Subtitles, and Subheads • Keywords • Links • Meta Descriptions • Photos • Taxonomy

Part VII: Global Considerations

Angles and Hooks • Audience • Hedging • Humanism and Unbiased Language • Identification • Narrative: Beginnings, Middles, and Ends • Paraphrasing • Prescriptive vs. Descriptive • Sources • Tone

Appendices: Appendix I: Understanding Editing • Appendix II: Grammar vs. Style • Appendix III: How Does Google Search Work? • Appendix IV: Updating Content




About the Author:

Naveed Saleh is a science writer and editor. He has written for various online and print publications and is a long-time blogger at Psychology Today. He lives in Chula Vista, California.

Target Audience:

This book is a valuable guide for improving writing and editing skills. This book is intended for anybody who wants to create clean copy that is ready for publication.


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