Title Podcasting Marketing Strategy
Subtitle A Complete Guide to Creating, Publishing and Monetizing a Successful Podcast
Author Daniel Rowles, Ciaran Rogers
ISBN 9780749486235
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“A definitive guide to everything you need to know about podcasting.”

Gemma Butler, Marketing Director, The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)


“Podcasting continues to be one of the highest-impact forms of content marketing, and guides to the subject don’t get more comprehensive than this.”

Kelvin Newman, Founder and Managing Director, Rough Agenda (the company behind BrightonSEO)


“A comprehensive guide to the world of podcasting. This book will help you create a podcast - but far more importantly, it will help you create a powerfully loyal audience for it.”

Rebecca Moore, Arts Marketing Association (AMA)


“This book is a really practical guide to both podcasting and podcast marketing–it covers absolutely everything you need to know. If you are already on your podcasting journey or are just starting out, this is a must-have guide.”

Tracy Hastain, Founder and Director, Wentworth Consultancy


Podcasting is a hugely persuasive yet under-utilized channel accessed by an affluent and influential demographic. In a crowded and noisy digital environment, it gives organizations, brand builders and marketers the unique opportunity to stand out and drive engagement with target audiences. It offers accurate and measurable levels of allegiance that can only be dreamed of on other digital channels.

Podcasting Marketing Strategy is a complete guide to the podcast environment. It describes the importance of podcasting for businesses and explains why, uniquely, it has the highest level of consumer commitment than any other social media. Written by an award-winning author and his co-host of the global top ten iTunes podcast, The Digital Marketing Podcast, this book explains how podcasting can drive business results, advises on how to record, edit and advertise your content and provides a unique digital marketing toolkit. Supported by case studies from influential organizations around the globe, Podcasting Marketing Strategy is the definitive authority to making and publishing podcasts that deliver quantifiable results.




Part One: Podcasting in perspective

Chapter 1. Stand out from the social media noise: why you should be podcasting • The growth of podcasts • The barrier to entry • Podcast passion • The podcast opportunity • References and further reading

Chapter 2. Podcast adoption: growth and expansion of podcasting as a popular medium • Global adoption of podcasts • Demographics of podcast listeners • New ways of listening • References and further reading

Chapter 3. Understanding how people really listen to and absorb audio content • What, where and when • Understanding the Why: building personas • Speed of content • Bringing it all together • Reference

Chapter 4. Building genuine personal engagement through podcasting • Podcast personality and value proposition • Podcast format • Further reading


Part Two: Building your business case and plan

Chapter 5. How to use podcasts to drive business results • Driving your objective • The challenges of podcasts • Beyond the last click • Traditional brand metrics • Understand the value of every marketing activity • Benchmarked measures

Chapter 6. Understanding the role of podcasts in the user journey • The role of podcasting in multichannel marketing • Two different types of user journey • Using podcasts as content marketing • Illustrating the steps within the user journey • Fitting podcasts into the user journey to enhance our value proposition • Reference

Chapter 7. An introduction to podcast marketing • Pragmatic curiosity • Reference

Chapter 8. What differentiates a great podcast? • Clarity on value proposition • Hosts’ dynamic • Content is king

Chapter 9. What is digital branding and how does business development fit in? • It’s all digital • Brand awareness as an excuse • What digital branding really means • How digital has changed branding • Global soapbox • Reference

Chapter 10. Defining your content plan and using content calendars • Informing your content plan

Chapter 11. Driving action from podcasts


Part Three: Building your podcast and making it a success

Chapter 12. The importance of landing pages and show notes (and getting SEO right) • A supporting website • Creating your own stand-alone fully customized show website • Search engine optimization

Chapter 13. Defining your podcast audience and content • Finding your niche and sticking to it • Snap decisions • Pitching your show • Stay focused and true to your audience

Chapter 14. Understanding and selection of different podcast formats • Solo show • Narrative storytelling • The two-host format • Interview shows • Multiple show hosts • Roundtable/panel discussions

Chapter 15. Preparing your podcast recording environment • Your war on unwanted noise • Voice-over-IP interviews

Chapter 16. Choosing your recording hardware and software • Essential equipment for getting started • Voice-over-IP call interviews • Audio editing • Mobile recording on the run

Chapter 17 An overview of podcast editing options and how to do it • Editing your podcast: why edit? • The editing process

Chapter 18. Using interviews with influencers to maximize your podcast strategy • The basics of influencer outreach • Setting your guest at ease • Mind mapping

Chapter 19. Show branding intros and outros: making the right first impression • First impressions matter • Making the right first impression

Chapter 20. Podcast advertising and monetization: where to begin and how to manage • Inspiration for monetization • Advertising formats • Podcast advertising revenue models • Show merchandise • Sponsorship • References and further reading

Chapter 21. Publishing and distributing your podcast • Getting your podcast episode ready to publish • Distributing to multiple destinations • Podcast hosting

Chapter 22. Measuring success: tapping into how and why people listen to your podcast • Podcast host statistics • Apple’s Podcast Connect • Podcast reviews

Chapter 23. The podcast marketing toolkit • 1. Social media • 2. Online advertising • 3. Email marketing • Gaining opt-ins and building a list • 4. Paid search • References and further reading

Chapter 24. The value of web analytics: measuring the impact of your podcast activity • Making the most of Google Analytics • Using ‘multichannel funnels’ reporting • Adding in tracking code • How web analytics can be used in relation to our podcasting activity • References and further reading


Part Four: The future of podcasting

Chapter 25. Where next for podcasting? Conversational design, artificial intelligence and machine learning • AI vs machine learning

Chapter 26. Future-proofing your podcast strategy for the ever-changing user journey • Content and narrative


About the Authors:

Daniel Rowles has worked on both the client and agency sides of digital marketing for almost 20 years. He is a Course Director for the CIM, lecturer at Imperial College London, and lead judge for the CIM Marketing Excellence Awards since 2010. He is also the host of the Digital Marketing Podcast, an iTunes top 10 business global. As CEO of his company TargetInternet.com, he helps clients of all types to use digital marketing more effectively, including the BBC, Vodafone, Mastercard, Aviva and Warner Brothers.

Ciaran Rogers is the marketing director of Target Internet. He has worked for and trained a large number of international brands including QA, Liz Earle, Elemis, Time to Spa, Highlands & Islands Enterprise, UKSA, Jubilee Sailing Trust, The Sustainable Food Trust, Hershesons Bliss, REN Skincare and FatFace.

Target Audience:

People interested in podcasting and podcast marketing. It is also useful for people interested in digital marketing and content marketing.

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