Title Massive Suburbanization
Subtitle (Re)Building the Global Periphery (Global Suburbanisms)
Author K. Murat Güney, Roger Keil, Murat Üçoglu
ISBN 9781487523770
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Publishing year 2019
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Massive Suburbanization is a theoretically solid, empirically rich, highly readable, and politically relevant volume. This book speaks to actual landscapes that are proliferating today within and around urban regions across the globe.”

David J. Madden, Associate Professor of Sociology and Co-director of the Cities Programme,
London School of Economics

“Although they are an important and ubiquitous aspect of urban peripheries around the world, large-scale housing developments have not received any sustained investigation on a global scale. Addressing this important yet under-researched issue, Massive Suburbanization seeks to establish the global diversity of suburbanizations and suburbanisms, as well as to trace the political-economic practices and ideologies that are shaping them.”

David Wachsmuth, Canada Research Chair in Urban Governance and Assistant Professor of
Urban Planning, McGill University.


Providing a systematic overview of large-scale housing projects, Massive Suburbanization investigates the building and rebuilding of urban peripheries on a global scale. Offering a universal inter-referencing point for research on the dynamics of “massive suburbia,” this book builds a new discussion pertaining to the problems of the urban periphery, urbanization, and the neoliberal production of space.

Conceptual and empirical chapters revisit the classic cases of large-scale suburban building in Canada, the former Czechoslovakia, France, Germany, and the United States and examine the new peripheral estates in China, Egypt, Israel, Morocco, the Philippines, South Africa, and Turkey. The contributors examine a broad variety of cases that speak to the building or redevelopment of large-scale peripheral housing estates, tower neighbourhoods, Grands Ensembles, Großwohnsiedlungen, and Toplu Konut. Concerned with state and corporate policy for building suburban estates, Massive Suburbanization confronts the politics surrounding local inhabitants and their “right to the suburb.”


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Part One: Re-thinking the Massive Periphery

Introduction: Massive Suburbanization–Political Economy, Ethnography, Governance (Roger Keil,
K. Murat Güney, and Murat Üçoglu)

Chapter 1: Peripheries against Peripheries? Against Spatial Reification (Stefan Kipfer and Mustafa Dike?)

Chapter 2: Public Housing, Heroin Addiction, and America’s Industrial Suburbs: A Planetary Urbanist Perspective (David Wilson, Basmattee Boodram, and Jasmine Smith)

Part Two: Legacies

Chapter 3: Estates under Pressure: Financialization, Shrinkage, and State Restructuring in East Germany (Matthias Bernt)

Chapter 4: Learning from the Socialist Suburb (Steven Logan)

Chapter 5: Decline and Renewal in Toronto’s High-Rise Suburbs: The Tragedy of Progressive Neoliberalism (Douglas Young)

Chapter 6: Redeveloping Montpellier’s Suburban High-Rises: National Policy Meets Local Activism in the Debate over Public Space (Roza Tchoukaleyska)

Chapter 7: (De)Constructing Housing Estates: How Much More than a Housing Question? (Stefan Kipfer)

Part Three: Spotlight on Istanbul

Chapter 8: From Kayaba?i to Kaya?ehir - A City Grows “Out in the Sticks” (Erbatur ?avu?oglu and Julia Strutz)

Chapter 9: Building Northern Istanbul: Mega-Projects, Speculation, and New Suburbs (K. Murat Güney)

Chapter 10: Massive Housing and Nature’s Limits? The Urban Political Ecology of Istanbul’s Periphery (Murat Üçoglu)

Part Four: The Suburban Century

Chapter 11: Morocco’s “Pirate Suburbs” from Punishment to Controlled Integration: Neoliberalizing the Regulation of Casablanca’s “Chechnya” (Wafae Belarbi and Max Rousseau)

Chapter 12: State-Led Housing Provision Twenty-Five Years On: Change, Evolution, and Agency on Johannesburg’s Edge (Margot Rubin and Sarah Charlton)

Chapter 13: From Informal Settlements to Harmonious Communities: Professional Squatters and the Many Actors of Urbanization in Metro Manila
(Abidemi Coker)

Chapter 14: Suburbanisms of Ethnocracy: Building New Peripheries in Israel/Palestine (Oded Haas)

Chapter 15: The Making of Cairo’s Vast Planned Periphery: Particularities and Parallels Revealed through an Examination of Four Suburban Cultural Assemblages (Karl Schmid)

Chapter 16: Massive Suburbanization, Heterogeneous Suburbs in China (Tianke Zhu And Fulong Wu)

Conclusion: Massive Suburbia - From the Legacy of the Habitat to the Financialization of Housing in the Planetary Periphery (K. Murat Güney, Roger Keil, and Murat Üçoglu)

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About the Editors:

K. Murat Güney is a Lecturer in the Sociology Department at Acibadem University in Istanbul.

Roger Keil is York Research Chair in Global Sub/Urban Studies in the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University in Toronto.

Murat Üçoglu is a PhD candidate and course director in the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University.

Target Audience:

People interested in suburban and urban studies, housing development and geography.

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