Title Charles Dickens as an Agent of Change
Author Joachim Frenk, Lena Steveker
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“This book will delight Dickens scholars and prove an asset to any university library.... It is one that will inspire readers to consider the changes the great writer has wrought in them, and that they, in their turn, may bring to Dickens scholarship.”

—The Modern Language Review


“An enjoyable and wide-ranging collection of articles exploring Dickens and change.”

—English Studies


“Excellent discussions of condition-of-England novels.”



Sixteen scholars from across the globe come together in Charles Dickens as Agent of Change to show how Dickens was (and still is) the consummate change agent. His works, bursting with restless energy in the Inimitable’s protean style, registered and commented on the ongoing changes in the Victorian world while the Victorians’ fictional and factional worlds kept (and keep) changing. The essays from notable Dickens scholars—Malcolm Andrews, Matthias Bauer, Joel J. Brattin, Doris Feldmann, Herbert Foltinek, Robert Heaman, Michael Hollington, Bert Hornback, Norbert Lennartz, Chris Louttit, Jerome Meckier, Nancy Aycock Metz, David Paroissien, Christopher Pittard, and Robert Tracy—suggest the many ways in which the notion of change has found entry into and is negotiated in Dickens’ works through four aspects: social change, political and ideological change, literary change, and cultural change. An afterword by the late Edgar Rosenberg adds a personal account of how Dickens changed the life of one eminent Dickensian.



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Introduction: Changing Dickens
Joachim Frenk and Lena Steveker

Part I. Dickens and Social Change

Repetitions and Reversals: Patterns for Social Change in Pickwick Papers
Jerome Meckier

Three Revolutions: Alternate Routes to Social Change in Bleak House
Joel J. Brattin

Dickens, Society, and Art: Change in Dickens’s View of Effecting Social Reform
Robert Heaman

The World Changing Dickens, Dickens Changing the World
Bert Hornback

Part II. Dickens and Changes of Power

Parrots, Birds of Prey, and Snorting Cattle: Dickens’s Whig Agenda
David Paroissien

“The Tremendous Potency of the Small”: Dickens, the Individual, and Social Change in a Post-America, Post-Catastrophist Age
Nancy Aycock Metz

Money, Power, and Appearance in Dombey and Son
Michael Hollington

Part III. Dickens and Literary Change

The Passing of the Pickwick Moment
Malcolm Andrews

The Chimes and the Rhythm of Life
Matthias Bauer

Radical Dickens: Dickens and the Tradition of Romantic Radicalism
Norbert Lennartz

Modern Characters in the Late Novels of Charles Dickens
Herbert Foltinek

Part IV. Dickens and Changes in Popular Culture and in the Theater

The Cultural Politics of Dickens’s Hard Times
Doris Feldmann

Conjuring Dickens: Magic, Intellectual Property, and The Old Curiosity Shop
Christopher Pittard

Popular Dickens: Changing Bleak House for the East End Stage
Chris Louttit

The Frozen Deep: Gad’s Hill, June-July 1857
Robert Tracy

How to Read Dickens in English: A Last Retrospect
Edgar Rosenberg


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People interested in English literary studies and especially those interested in Charles Dickens.

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