Title Omnichannel Retail
Subtitle How to Build Winning Stores in a Digital World
Author Tim Mason, Miya Knights
ISBN 9780749484460
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“Customers live and shop digitally and physically now... but they don’t see the distinction that retailers make between the two. The retailers that will win in the future will be able to seamlessly combine physical and digital experiences and marketing. Taking the disciplines of
digital marketing that deliver more targeted, more scaled and more interactive messages for customers is now a “must-do” to create that seamless experience. Omnichannel Retail helps to address how to deliver this.”

Rob Hatrell, Vice President, eBay UK


“This book nails the life or death approach we should be taking in embedding data and technology at the epicentre of our businesses. Today, the customer is king and the landscape is crowded. Tim’s view is truth, in that a data-driven and digitally enabled business model will deliver a better customer experience across all channels and therefore real-time information and actions; the result being brand trust and customer relevance which will support growth and sustainability. This book is a brilliant read in explaining the why and how.”

Beth Butterwick, CEO, Karen Millen Fashions Ltd


“I worked alongside Tim Mason for 15 years and he is the best marketer I have ever worked with. Whilst success has many fathers, Tim can genuinely lay claim to many of the customer initiatives that drove the growth of Tesco over a remarkable 20 plus years. This book brings all that customer knowledge and focus to life for the digital age.”

Andrew Higginson, Chairman, Wm Morrison Supermarkets Plc


“I believe the days of “spray and pray” marketing are over, and the retailers who hold on to that type of marketing approach are in real danger of becoming extinct. The most valuable thing you can have as a business today is someone’s attention, and this is very difficult to achieve with all messages that are bombarded with daily. Personalization, knowing your customers, is the key to getiing this attention. People’s lives are getting more complex, not less, and they are looking for retailers who understand their lives and help to simplify them. Tim Mason has been on this journey his entire professional life, and there’s no one better in the world at helping the rest of us understand what we need to do.”

Jeff Adams, CEO, Metcash Group


“We will always shop, but how we buy and where we buy has been reshaped by the world of technology. The winners in the world of retail are embracing that change, and adapting. In this book Tim Mason does what he’s always done best: take the world-class experience he has of retail, technology, data and customer understanding, and turn it into an easy-to-understand case for action. He does this in a beautifully simple way, from which action should follow. Read it and do what you can to act on its wisdom, to improve you chances of success in our connected world.”

Matt Atkinson, Chief Membership Officer, The Co-operative Group Ltd


Omnichannel Retail brings to life Tim Mason’s unrivalled sense of customers the world over and how their lives are changing. It draws out his life-long retail experiences and his instinct for growth, and is a must-read for all thoughtful and sustainable retailers.”

David Potts CBE, CEO, Wm Morrison Supermarkets Plc


“Brilliant, and for retailers, most welcome! Omnichannel Retail nails its value proposition. Tim Mason, in providing a comprehensive and highly practical guide to harnessing digital technologies, urges retailers to rethink brand, upgrade customer experience, deliver loyalty and (for most) regain profitability. He provides an exciting vision for the role of retail in the 21st century.”

Seán Meehan, Martin Hilti Professor of Marketing and Change Management, International Institute for Management Development


According to many reports, the physical retail experience is in crisis as more and more consumers shift to internet shopping. Despite this, the majority of global purchases still happen offline, from 90% of sales in the US through to 92% of sales in the UK and 94% in China. The big change is that today’s shopper seeks content and advice online before buying in store. Omnichannel Retail celebrates all the advantages of the physical shopping experience, from its sensory selection through to try-before-you buy, and its potential for providing an instant and profitable retail solution, while explaining the imperative of bringing the power of digital and an omnichannel experience to everyday shopping.

Connecting the digital customer to the physical customer, Omnichannel Retail delivers a wealth of opportunities for the bricks and mortar store, including an enhanced customer journey, effortlessly tailoring specific products to a particular customer, exploiting surge pricing, upselling lucrative products and above all, building real, and profitable, relationships with your best customers. Based on over thirty years in loyalty marketing, Tim Mason diligently addresses the challenges facing retailers, providing tangible and proven solutions to capitalize on the changing retail landscape.


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Chapter 1: The digital imperative • The analogue years • The benefits of digital spaces • The importance of digital • The importance of connection • The value of digital connection • Winning with omnichannel • The digital black hole • The importance of frequency • Endnotes

Chapter 2: Analogue learnings • Establishing customer connection • Building business value • Competition-fuelled obsession • The value of Clubcard’s connection • Creating strategic advantage • The importance of analytics • Endnotes

Chapter 3: Loyalty is dead • Analogue loyalty learnings • Customer-informed differentiation • Tapping into emotional loyalty • Omnichannel loyalty • Harnessing the power of digital connection • Endnotes

Chapter 4: Your location in the physical world • Digital innovation opportunities • Location as a proxy for relevance • Locating customers instore • The importance of place • Endnotes

Chapter 5: The digitally augmented store • The benefits of data instore • Frequency boosts visibility • Enhancing the customer connection • Endnotes

Chapter 6: Mobile makeover • Refit for purpose • Right-size investment against frequency with utility • Content and relevancy • Managing digital in your business • Consistent delivery of omnichannel offers • Endnotes

Chapter 7: Data-based retailing • Linking customer insight to sales • Connecting to the point of sale • Mobile-first investment • Empowering customer self-service • Data-based ranging • Data-based pricing • Permission to engage • Endnotes

Chapter 8: Performance marketing • Marketing execution evolves • Optimize share of voice instore • Saying ‘thank you’ versus stretching • Tracking attribution and redemption • Targeting the opportunity • Endnotes

Chapter 9: The importance of e-commerce • Investing in e-commerce growth • Mastering e-commerce delivery • The value of e-commerce data • Mastering e-commerce marketing • The speed of e-commerce innovation • New opportunities, new competitors • Endnotes

Chapter 10: New media, new content • Sympathy for the medium • Setting the context • The importance of localization • Proving the value of creativity • Using data with empathy • Maintaining value and relevancy • Endnotes

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About the Authors:

Tim Mason is CEO of Eagle Eye Solutions Group Plc. He has over 30 years’ experience within the grocery and retail industries. Previously, Tim was Deputy CEO at Tesco from January 2010 to December 2012. He held a number of other roles within the Tesco Group between 1982 and 2012 including CMO for Tesco and CEO of Fresh & Easy LLC. Throughout his career at Tesco, he was renowned for being in touch with the customer and instrumental in the creation of some of Tesco’s most successful marketing initiatives (Clubcard, Express, Personal Finance and Tesco.com).

Miya Knights has nearly 20 years’ experience as a journalist, editor and research director specializing in enterprise technology use in retail. She has spent this time reporting on the demands and challenges faced by retailers and which technologies can best support their needs in addressing ever-more complex consumer expectations and behaviors. She also has comprehensive knowledge and understanding of vendor market trends.

Prior to joining Eagle Eye Solutions as Head of Industry Insight, she was Global Technology Research Director at Planet Retail, and a Senior Research Analyst with IDC Retail Insights, having edited Retail Technology magazine for 10 years, which she now also owns and publishes. Miya is consistently ranked as one of the industry top ranked retail influencers, and has recently appeared on the BBC, ITN and Sky News, as well as regularly speaking at or moderating industry events. As a journalist Miya regularly contributed to many publications, including The Times, The Independent, Financial Times, E&T Magazine, HRZone, TechWeekEurope UK, CIO UK, Computer Weekly, IT Pro, Cloud Pro, v3.co.uk and Computing. She has a Masters Degree in English Literature and Language from the University of Oxford.

Target Audience:

For students and academicians of management, digital marketing, retail chain management and customer relations/management and satisfaction. This book is a must read for thoughtful and sustainable retailers. It makes the case for the value of digital customer connection and explain how to harness it, both online and offline. It is designed to help any consumer business harness the benefits of digital customer engagement and performance marketing technologies today.

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