Title Europe and America
Subtitle The End of the Transatlantic Relationship?
Author Federiga Bindi
ISBN 9780815732808
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Publishing year 2019
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 “America First” is “America Alone”

Foreign policy is like physics: vacuums quickly fill. As the United States retreats from the international order it helped put in place and maintain since the end of World War II, Russia is rapidly filling the vacuum. Federiga Bindi’s new book assesses the consequences of this retreat for transatlantic relations and Europe, showing how the current path of US foreign policy is leading to isolation and a sharp decrease of US influence in international relations.

Transatlantic relations reached a peak under President Barack Obama. But under the Trump administration, withdrawal from the global stage has caused irreparable damage to the transatlantic partnership and has propelled Europeans to act more independently. Europe and America explores this tumultuous path by examining the foreign policy of the United States, Russia, and the major European Union member states. The book highlights the consequences of US retreat for transatlantic relations and Europe, demonstrating that “America first” is becoming “America alone,” perhaps marking the end of transatlantic relations as we know it, with Europe no longer beholden to the US national interest.



Chapter 1. Introduction (Federiga Bindi)


Part I: The Foreign Policy of the EU and of Its Member States

Chapter 2. EU Foreign and Defense Policies and Transatlantic Relations: Friends and Foes (Federiga Bindi)

Chapter 3. The Foreign Policy of France: Continuity and Change (Aleksander Lust)

Chapter 4. The Foreign Policy of Germany: Economic Giant, Foreign Policy Dwarf?  (Jan Techau)

Chapter 5. Italy: The Middle Country (Federiga Bindi)

Chapter 6. Great Britain’s Foreign Policy Dilemmas (Klaus Larres)

Chapter 7. Spain: Foreign Relations and Foreign Policy (Joaquín Roy)

Chapter 8. From Soviet Satellite to Regional Power: Poland after 1989 (Michela Ceccorulli and Serena Giusti)

Chapter 9. Danish Foreign Policy: From Pastry to Bloody Denmark?  (Jonas Parello-Plesner)

Chapter 10. The Foreign Policy of the Czech Republic: Domestic Politics Back with a Vengeance (David Cadier)


Part II: The Cold War Superpowers in a Hot World

Chapter 11. Russia’s Staunch Foreign Policy in a Wavering Landscape (Serena Giusti)

Chapter 12. The Foreign Policy of the United States: Indispensable No More? (Jussi M. Hanhimäki)

Chapter 13 . Conclusion: The Unbearable Weight of History and the End of Translantic Relations? (Federiga Bindi)



About the Editor:

Federiga Bindi is a senior nonresident scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and Jean Monnet Chair and founding director of the EU Center of Excellence, University of Rome Tor Vergata.

Target Audience:

People interested in Political Science and Global Governance.


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