Title Financing the 2016 Election
Author David B. Magleby
ISBN 9780815736592
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Publishing year 2019
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Money and politics in an election that broke the mold

Beginning with the 1960 election, readers could turn to one book for an authoritative and comprehensive examination of campaign finance at the federal level. Now, the latest in this respected series, Financing the 2016 Election, explores the role of money in one of the most unconventional elections in modern American history. A team of leading scholars has dug into the roles played by political parties and special interest groups (including their “Super PACS”) in the presidential and congressional elections of 2016.

David Magleby and his team of experts examined Federal Elections Commission reports and interviewed dozens of key participants, including representatives of virtually all the major interest groups active in the 2016 election cycle. They place that election in the context of how U.S. elections have been financed during recent decades—a context that illustrates how dramatically different campaign finance is today from the past. Among the most important changes has been the growth of so-called Super PACS, which have become increasingly important both in the financing they provide candidates and in their ability to act independently, both for and against candidates. Overall, Super PACS doubled their spending in 2016 from four years earlier.

Taking a comprehensive approach, this book helps readers understand how the financing of elections—including the increasing reliance by candidates on outside special interest groups—ultimately affects politics and public policy.


Preface and Acknowledgments

Chapter 1: Change and Continuity in the Financing of the  2016 U.S. Federal Election (David B. Magleby)

Chapter 2: The Regulatory Environment of the  2016 Election  (Anthony Corrado)

Chapter 3: Interest Groups in the 2016 Election (David B. Magleby and Jay Goodliffe)

Chapter 4: Financing the 2016 Presidential Nomination Campaigns  (John C. Green)

Chapter 5: Financing the 2016 Presidential General Election  (David A. Hopkins)

Chapter 6: Financing the 2016 Congressional Election  (Molly E. Reynolds and Richard L. Hall)

Chapter 7: Party Money in the 2016 Election (Diana Dwyre and Robin Kolodny)

Chapter 8: Political and Policy Implications following the 2016 Election (David B. Magleby)

Appendix: List of Interviews



About the Editor:

David B. Magleby is a distinguished professor of political science at Brigham Young University and formerly the dean of the College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences at that institution. He is the editor of Financing the 2000 Election (Brookings 2002), and coauthor of Government by the People, which is now in its 21st edition.

Target Audience:

People interested in political science and global governance.


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