Title How People Learn
Subtitle Designing Education and Training that Works to Improve Performance
Author Nick Shackleton-Jones
ISBN 9780749484705
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“Nick’s book starts in right place: he sees the world through the lens of a psychologist rather than a pusher of e-learning.”

Roger Schank, John Evans Professor Emeritus, Northwestern University, CEO, Socratic Arts

How People Learn will show you how to adopt new ways of thinking about learning that will help you design resources and experiences to support real learning. This is an important book for anyone who teaches others.”

Colin Steed, co-founder and former chief executive, Learning & Performance Institute

“Nick does a tremendous job, starting off with how we learn, and then, deriving from it, best ways to design education and training - a formula for success. The book is fascinating and a must-read for anyone who wants to be knowledgeable in this area.”

Dr Itiel Dror, Cognitive Neuroscience Researcher, University College London


What if we have been wrong about learning? Learning may have more in common with marketing than we thought. Looking at marketing and learning’s common root, How People Learn shows L&D professionals a new way of thinking about learning by exploring what happens when we learn. It considers applications from AI, marketing and ethics and is informed by psychology and contemporary neuroscience in order to show L&D professionals how to design training with their employees and mind so that training makes a real difference to skills, capabilities, performance and development, rather than being a waste of time, money and resources.

Using the author’s ‘5Di model’, How People Learn demonstrates how to define, design and deploy training in a user-centred way so it works both for and with employees. It also includes guidance on what training resources to create when employees are actively searching for learning content. Using this book, L&D practitioners will be able to use pull and push techniques to provide content that people use and experiences that transform their behaviour. From how to use simulations, storytelling and anticipation to the importance of observation and status, this book gives L&D professionals everything they need to build effective training programmes and learning experiences. With a foreword by Dr Roger Schank, the Chairman and CEO of Socratic Arts and Executive Director of Engines for Education, and case studies from companies such as BP and the BBC, this is an urgent read for learning professionals.




About this book


Introduction: Everything you know about learning is wrong • Memory vs remembering • Endnotes

Chapter 1. Where’s my robot? Or ‘what AI taught us about learning’ • So how do human beings use words? • Endnotes

Chapter 2. How we learn: The affective context model • So how does the affective context model explain this? • What are you concerned about? • The rationalizing animal • Gamification and why people cheat • Endnotes

Chapter 3. Reimagine your world • How to do the right thing • Can robots replace teachers? • Neurodiversity and care • Cornerstone experiences and ‘femes’ • A life well spent • Endnotes

Chapter 4. Learning design – push or pull? • ‘Push’ approaches to learning • ‘Pull’ approaches to learning • Endnotes

Chapter 5. Learning elimination: Resources not courses • Endnotes

Chapter 6. Education: The Great Learning Prevention Scheme • So what’s wrong with education? • How should education work? • Endnotes

Chapter 7. What to do about it: Techniques for human-centred learning design • The 5Di learning design model • How do you evaluate learning? • Four approaches to learning evaluation • How do you achieve business alignment? • Endnotes

Chapter 8. Learning culture • Enable • Maintain • Grow • How do you change a learning culture? • Digital social learning • Common mistakes • Endnotes

Chapter 9. The future of learning (and how to make it happen) • How should a corporate learning organization be organized? • How to innovate within organizations • Endnotes



About the Author:

Nick Shackleton-Jones is the Director of Learning and Performance Innovation at PA Consulting Group where he helps organizations improve employee performance and engagement through their approach to learning. Prior to this, he was Director of Learning Innovation and Technology at BP and has also held senior roles in L&D at Siemens Communications and the BBC. In 2017, he was awarded the Colin Garder award by the Learning and Performance Institute for services to the learning industry.

Target Audience:

Useful for trainers and learning & development professionals.

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