Title Creating Customer Loyalty
Subtitle Build Lasting Loyalty Using Customer Experience Management
Author Chris Daffy
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“This is the bible of customer experience. It has everything you need to know about the subject.”

Marius Persinaru, Country President, Schneider Electric Romania

“Chris Daffy has an incredible ability to make the complicated stuff simple to understand and his work has been of great value to me personally, fantastic for my team’s development and hugely beneficial for our business.”

Magda Dexter, Customer Experience Director, Saint-Gobain Building Distribution Sector, UK and Ireland

“Quite frankly, I couldn’t put it down! The perfect mix of stories combined with research that spans a lifetime, with wonderful examples from a broad church of industries such as Ritz-Carlton, SW Airlines and M&S. I will be buying copies for my team.”

Peter van Peborgh-Gooch, General Manager - Visitor Centre, William Grant & Sons Distillers

“This is probably the most comprehensive work, providing a true 360 on the topic of loyalty, that I have read in a long time. It presents simple and clear methods without jargon, which in true Daffy style are practical, not just theoretical. This is an essential manager handbook for best practice in customer loyalty.”

Nic Cunliffe, Sales Support Director, Vaillant Group UK


Consumer-facing and business-to-business organizations know that if they get their approach to customers right, they will be rewarded with unprecedented customer loyalty. This will lead to increased market share, improved sales, an enhanced reputation and higher profitability. Despite this, many of today’s companies fail to recognize that the notable improvements in their service delivery are not keeping up with increased customer expectations. Creating Customer Loyalty outlines simple, easy to understand strategies for creating a sustainable customer loyalty management programme that will win loyal customers.

Demonstrating how to focus solely on the things that enable and enhance success, this book shows how to make loyalty a habit and structure a business that attracts and retains the best customers. Using examples from both UK and international companies such as Lexus, Aldi, Dyson, The Ritz-Carlton and Virgin Atlantic, Creating Customer Loyalty explains why customer experience management alone does not build lasting loyalty, and why customer expectation and customer memory management are essential. It outlines how to make every occasion epic by removing those ‘ouch’ moments, replacing them with ‘wow’ experiences, and developing dazzling recovery techniques to create unforgettable stories and positive memories.



Chapter 1. An introduction to the concept of customer loyalty management • It’s all about loyalty • Customers have changed • The flawed ‘golden rules’ of service • The impact of customer loyalty accounts • Strategic ways to influence and build customer loyalty • The systematic approach to continuous improvement (borrowed from system thinking) • What are the likely outcomes for success? • It needn’t cost more to deliver great service • Loyal customer behaviours • Action checklist

Chapter 2. Focusing on things that enable and enhance customer loyalty and avoiding or removing those that disable it • Focusing on what matters • Leadership commitment and style • Organizational structure and focus • Hiring the right people and avoiding the wrong people for service • Helping the right people become the best they can be • The impact of organizational culture – how it affects employee engagement • Conclusion • Action checklist

Chapter 3. The essential elements for success in customer loyalty management • How the brain works • Encouraging a balanced brain approach • Identifying and analysing the standard, sensory and subtle clues that can influence customer loyalty • Customer experience journey mapping • The last stage – action planning • Conclusion • Action checklist

Chapter 4. Identifying, understanding and managing customer expectations • The expectation opportunity • Customer expectation management – why expectations really matter • Levels and types of expectation • Proactive expectation management • Preventing the problem expectations – the proven loyalty killers • Conclusion • Action checklist

Chapter 5. Critical customer experience management techniques – creating positive experiences • The experience opportunities • The experiences with the biggest impact on loyalty • First/top/tail experiences analysis • Before/during/after experiences analysis • Creating terrific Wow experiences • Wow examples • Terrific Wow experience outcomes • Conclusion • Action checklist

Chapter 6. Critical customer experience management techniques – eliminating negative experiences • Turning negatives into positives • Eliminating terrible Ouch experiences • Why we want customers to complain • Dealing with unhappy and complaining customers • The professional approach to professional complainers • Terrible experience outcomes • Recovery and Dazzling Recovery techniques • Recovery examples • Recovery experience outcomes • Conclusion • Action checklist

Chapter 7. Creating and managing the memories that influence customer loyalty • Making memories • How memory works • Types of memory • How memory is manipulated and managed – creating loyalty-building memories • Using a customer memory planning chart • Turning positive memories into loyalty habits • Creating, breaking or changing a habit • Using a customer habit-forming chart • Conclusion • Action checklist

Chapter 8. Proven and practical customer loyalty strategy implementation tools and techniques • Change is challenging • When to change • A belief in success • The inside-out approach to change • The power of organizational alignment • Choosing either a big bang or a wildfire approach • The proven 8-step implementation plan • Further thoughts on change • Conclusion • Action checklist

Chapter 9. Measuring and monitoring what matters for customer loyalty – experiences versus satisfaction • Measuring what matters • Measuring expectations, experiences, memories and loyalty (not satisfaction) • Ways to gather the feedback • Keeping track of the ongoing improvements • How often to measure • Rewarding what matters • Conclusion • Action checklist

Chapter 10. Turning great loyalty strategy ideas into worthwhile actions • Ideas without action are worthless • Getting the balance right between process and passion • The Hedgehog Principle • The ever-increasing use of artificial intelligence • Implementing with a winning pace • A proven corporate approach • Conclusion • Action checklist

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About the Author:

Chris Daffy is the founder of The Marketing Group, The Academy of Service Excellence and The Leadership Forum. In 2007 he was made a Companion of the Institute of Customer Service.

Target Audience:

Useful for corporates, customer relationship managers and managerial students. This is an essential manager handbook for best practice in customer loyalty.

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