Title Disruptive Branding
Subtitle How to Win in Times of Change
Author Jacob Benbunan, Gabor Schreier, Benjamin Knapp
ISBN 9780749484064
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Publishing year 2019
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“A treatise on branding in times of change that will guide marketers through their daily challenges.”

Stefan Schindele, Brand Strategy, A1 Group

“The authors prove that disruption is an attitude of creativity, agility and innovation that all brands should strive for. They provide a detailed and inspiring explanation of the process. A great book - highly recommended!”

Professor Robert Paulmann, Founder, CXI Conference

“Jacob Benbunan and his team are the most disruptive people in the branding world, helping anybody in the start-up or corporate world who wants to rock the boat and do things very differently. This book is a must-read for anyone wanting to cause any abrupt or sudden change in new or legacy industries.”

Carlos Muñoz, Founder, Volotea and Vueling Airlines

“A truly compelling read for those who believe that the best evidence of corporate authenticity is brand consistency.”

Ana Busto, SVP, Brand and Communications, ENGIE


Disruptive forces have rewritten the rules of business. In an age of continuous change the strength and authenticity of brands has become more important than ever. The organizations that can master their brand experience are able to survive disruption by disrupting themselves; companies that can’t do this will leave themselves ripe for disruption. Disruptive Branding is a practical guide, demonstrating how to harness change to power your brand’s survival and ensure growth in a transforming world. It will help ambitious, courageous and aspirational organizations to define their compelling brand strategies, design powerful brand experiences and innovate new brand-led products and services.

Disruptive Branding tells the stories of businesses that have succeeded in managing the forces of disruption. From Nintendo fighting off its competition by re-imagining gaming, to Airbnb redefining what it means to travel, modern day brands are thinking faster and smarter than ever before. This book identifies the strategies and designs that some of the world’s most successful brands use to stay one step ahead of the curve. It is an invaluable resource for brands working to withstand disruption - or even become disruptors themselves.



Introduction: Why it is vital to explore disruptive branding


Chapter 1. Convergence and divergence: What change means for brands • Introduction • From local to global • Convergence of consumer and producer • Convergence of physical and digital • Divergence: Stepping away from the competition • In summary • References

Chapter 2. What makes you tick: Define what drives your organization • Introduction • What is a brand strategy? • Why do you need a brand strategy? • Disruption: What happens when you don’t have a brand strategy? • How to select the components of a great brand strategy • How to define your brand idea • How to make your brand strategy work long-term • In summary • References

Chapter 3. Strategy made visible: Bring your idea alive through design • Introduction • What does design touch? • Design starts at the top • Design makes a difference • Design disrupts • Playing design catch-up • How to design your brand • Beware the three Ps: Process, politics and power • In summary • References

Chapter 4. Help your people to help you: Engage your employees • Introduction • Why internal engagement matters • Internal engagement in the modern workplace • How to engage staff with your brand • The hallmarks of an effective engagement programme • The phases and structure of a brand engagement programme • Two initiatives we recommend • In summary • References

Chapter 5. A promise delivered: Shape the brand experience • Introduction • What is a ‘brand experience’? • Why does experience matter? • Brand experience vs customer experience • Designing your brand experience • Experience touchpoints • Making your experience holistic • Designing a brand experience: Best-in-class principles • In summary • References

Chapter 6. Prove it to succeed: Develop on-brand products and services • Introduction • There is no brand without product • There is no product without brand • How product and brand reinforce each other • Launching new products • Expanding the range: One brand for many products • Ensuring the product is ‘on-brand’ • In summary • References

Chapter 7. Building customer loyalty: Disrupt through great service • Introduction • Customer service doesn’t just help the brand: It is the brand • Customer service as a disruptive tool • Designing excellent customer service • In summary • References

Chapter 8. Your idea made physical: Create branded environments • Introduction • What are branded environments? • Designing branded environments • Designing branded environments: Key steps • In summary • References

Chapter 9. First impressions: Launch your disruptive brand • Introduction • Phase one: Pre-launch • Phase two: Launch • Phase three: Post-launch • In summary • Reference

Chapter 10. Measure, improve, repeat: Measure brand performance • Introduction • Why is it important to measure brand success? • What to measure • How to measure • Measurement in practice • What happens after measurement? • In summary • References

Chapter 11 Constant reinvention: Stay ahead in times of change • Introduction • Is a rebrand really necessary? • How to change your brand • In summary • References


About the Authors:

Jacob Benbunan started Saffron Brand Consultants with the late Wally Olins. He is today its Chairman and CEO. His clients include Vueling, Akzo Nobel, A1 Telekom Austria, Engie, Sodexo or Siemens. Prior to Saffron he was a Principal at Wolff Olins where he was involved with brands like Orange, Repsol and Acciona.

Gabor Schreier is Chief Creative Officer and responsible for the creative teams across Saffron’s locations. He was a core player in consolidating Saffron as a leading international brand consultancy. At Saffron, he has had an instrumental role in the work for A1 Telekom Austria, Gulf Air and YouTube. Previously he has also created identities for Daimler and Smart in Germany.

Benjamin Knapp is Saffron’s Chief Growth Officer, driving corporate strategy and service development. He joined Saffron in 2006 and worked closely with Wally Olins on place and commercial branding projects. His clients since then include Xing, V&A Museum, A1 Telekom Austria and Kyocera. Ben leads Saffron’s place branding practice, having worked for a number of cities and countries, from London and Vienna to Poland and Trinidad & Tobago.

Target Audience:

People interested in brand management and marketing. It is an invaluable resource for brands working to withstand disruption - or even become disruptors themselves.

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