Title The Holistic Curriculum, 3/e
Author John P. Miller
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“John P. Miller’s The Holistic Curriculum is one of the most important education books ever published in Canada. The book is a classic and no one has done more to promote holistic education than Jack Miller. One of the many strengths of Miller’s scholarship is the way he unites many perspectives from wide-ranging disciplines in his conceptualization of holism and holistic curriculum. He cites poets, political leaders, philosophers, and Indigenous teachers in order to explain holistic education in cogent and compelling ways. He was an early leader in this field and he continues to be the most significant education scholar in the world with a focus on holistic education.”

Carl Leggo, Department of Language and Literacy Education, University of British Columbia

The Holistic Curriculum offers a major contribution to the field of holistic education. Interest in this field is growing across the world, and there are few books that attempt to explain it in a comprehensive and thoughtful manner. This new edition includes many significant developments that have emerged since the book’s previous edition.”

Aostre N. Johnson, Ed.D., Emeritus Professor of Education, Saint Michael’s College.


Originally published in 1988, The Holistic Curriculum addresses the problem of fragmentation in education through a connected curriculum of integrative approaches to teaching and learning. John P. Miller, author of more than seventeen books on holistic education, discusses the theoretical foundations of the holistic curriculum and particularly its philosophical, psychological, and social connections.

Tracing the history of holistic education from its beginnings, this revised and expanded third edition features insights into Indigenous approaches to education while also expanding upon the six curriculum connections: subject, community, thinking, earth, body-mind, and soul. This edition also includes an introduction by leading Indigenous educator Greg Cajete as well as a dialogue between the author and Four Arrows, author of Teaching Truly, about the relationship between holistic education and Indigenous education.


List of Figures and Tables

Foreword by Gregory Cajete


Part I: Holistic Curriculum: The Context

Chapter 1. Holistic Curriculum

Chapter 2. The Philosophic Context: The Perennial Philosophy

Chapter 3. The Psychological Context: The Unconditioned Self

Chapter 4. The Social Context: An Ecological/Interdependent Perspective

Chapter 5. Historical Background

Part II: Holistic Curriculum: Practice

Chapter 6. Intuitive Connections

Chapter 7. Body–Mind Connections

Chapter 8. Subject Connections

Chapter 9. Community Connections

Chapter 10. Earth Connections

Chapter 11. Soul Connections

Chapter 12. Implementing and Evaluating the Holistic Curriculum

Appendix: To Name the World: A Dialogue about Holistic and Indigenous Education with Four Arrows and  Jack Miller



About the Author:

John P. Miller teaches courses on holistic education and contemplative education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto where he is a professor.

Target Audience:

People interested in education, education philosophy and education psychology.

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