Title Bureaucratic Manoeuvres
Subtitle The Contested Administration of the Unemployed
Author John Grundy
ISBN 9781487504472
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Publishing year 2019
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 Bureaucratic Manoeuvres is an excellent piece of empirical scholarship. It is original and pushes discussions of employment insurance in new directions.”

Peter Graefe, Department of Political Science, McMaster University


Bureaucratic Manoeuvres is thorough and rich in material. Grundy’s primary archival research is unmatched by most scholars working in the field today.”

Michelle Brady, School of Social Science, University of Queensland


In Bureaucratic Manoeuvres, John Grundy examines profound transformations in the governance of unemployment in Canada. While policy makers previously approached unemployment as a social and economic problem to be addressed through macroeconomic policies, recent labour market policy reforms have placed much more emphasis on the supposedly deficient employability of the unemployed themselves, a troubling shift that deserves close, critical attention.

Tracing a behind-the-scenes history of public employment services in Canada, Bureaucratic Manoeuvres shows just how difficult it has been for administrators and frontline staff to govern unemployment as a problem of individual employability. Drawing on untapped government records, it sheds much-needed light on internal bureaucratic struggles over the direction of labour market policy in Canada and makes a key contribution to Canadian political science, economics, public administration, and sociology.



List of Acronyms

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Conceptualizing the Limits of Activation Policy

Chapter 3. “More Than a Placement Service”: The Transient High Modernism of “Manpower” Planning, 1965–76

Chapter 4. Making and Unmaking Front-Line Professionalism, 1977–1990

Chapter 5. Within Reach of the “What Works Best Solution”: Evidence-Based Activation, 1994–2000

Chapter 6. Towards a Culture of Results, 1996–2000




About the Author:

John Grundy is a research officer in the School of Arts, Media, Performance, and Design at York University.

Target Audience:

People interested in economics, political science, public administration and sociology.


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