Title The Talent Revolution
Subtitle Longevity and the Future of Work
Author Lisa Taylor, Fern Lebo
ISBN 9781487500825
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Binding Hardbound
No of pages 232
Book size 153 x 229 mm
Publishing year 2019
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The Talent Revolution: Longevity and the Future of Work persuasively makes the case for a transformation in the way companies think about age and work. Taylor and Lebo offer a ground-breaking perspective on the intergenerational workforce and practical advice that will be invaluable to any organization seeking to understand and profit from its older workers.”

Benjamin Nadler, Chief Operating Officer at Sensei Labs


“This book turns thinking about the aging workforce on its head. It’s a must-read to tap the potential productivity of a truly intergenerational workforce, and to make companies more profitable.”

Ali Velshi, Senior Economic and Business Correspondent, NBC News, and Co-anchor, Velshi & Ruhle, MSNBC


“This is a very important book, one that sheds a light on an extremely significant management issue that every organization in the Western world has to face: continued engagement of older workers. As the CEO of a knowledge based business, one where experience is vital for the ongoing benefit of customers and the organization’s competitive advantage, maintaining and extending the organization’s capabilities is a significant challenge that demands more creative thinking and solutions. The Talent Revolution provides great insights and a path forward.”

David Blinick, CEO Blinco Systems Inc.


The definitive guide to maximizing workforce value, The Talent Revolution exposes work-life longevity as the most influential driver transforming today’s workplace – a competitive edge for organizations smart enough to capitalize on it.

This is a first – a book that positions older workers as revolutionaries and reveals how organizations that engage employees across all life stages will outperform their competitors. With clarity and specificity, it describes new models, debunks commonly held myths about older workers, demolishes justifications for traditional structures and attitudes, and builds the case for a reset that will help smart companies profit from their intergenerational workforce.

Through case studies, metrics, strategies, and tactics, The Talent Revolution explores the impact of workforce demographics on the future of work and provides new, actionable strategies for turning an aging workforce into a competitive advantage.




Part 1: The Future of Work: Theoretical Models and Frameworks

Chapter 1. The Future of Work and the Talent Revolution

Chapter 2. A Social Revolutionary Lens: Welcome to the Revolution

Chapter 3. A Career and Work Lens: Boomers as Revolutionaries

Chapter 4. An Organizational Lens: The Broken Talent Escalator


Part 2: Exploding Myths and Challenging Untruths

Chapter 5. From Theory to Practice: The Costs of Myths and Untruths

Chapter 6. Money Myths

Chapter 7. Peak Performance Myths

Chapter 8. From Myth to Smart Strategy


Part 3: Capitalizing on the Intergenerational Workforce

Chapter 9. Getting Focused: Tools and Approaches

Chapter 10. Critical Actions for CEOs

Chapter 11. Critical Actions for HR Leaders

Chapter 12. Critical Actions for Frontline Managers

Chapter 13. From the Talent Revolution to the Future of Work





About the Authors:

Lisa Taylor is the President of Challenge Factory, helping both employees and employers embrace the “Future of Work” with solutions and strategies to supercharge workforces and capitalize on today’s trends.

Fern Lebo, author, speaker, trainer, and coach, is President of FrontRunner Communications, specializing in corporate training, employee effectiveness, and relationship building.

Target Audience:

Useful for CEOs, human resource managers and people who study ageing in a workforce.

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