Title Viva Think-IT 8 (With GIMP, C++, HTML and Openshot Video Editor)
Subtitle Computer Science and Information Technology (Based on LibreOffice & edubuntu)
Author Sreekala P, Shalini Bhatnagar
ISBN 9789388386654
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Binding Paperback
No of pages 200
Book size 216 x 279 mm
Publishing year 2019
Original publisher Viva Education
Published in India by Viva Education
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Lab Activities

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Think-IT is a series of eight books for classes 1 to 8. The books are based on Edubuntu and LibreOffice.

What makes Think-IT special?

  • A wide range of objective and subjective exercises
  • Warm-up activity given to assess the previous learning of concepts in Warm Up
  • Additional facts and information in More to Learn
  • Sample lab activities with solutions in Do and Learn
  • Thought-provoking questions given to assess the application of knowledge and enhance thinking skills in students in Apply Your Learning
  • Practical tasks to apply ICT (Information and Communication Technology) skills on other subjects in In the Lab
  • Hands-on activities and projects to enhance observation, imagination and creativity of children, and to promote group work given in Activity Corner
  • Assessment Sheet given after every chapter as Progress Worksheet
  • Additional lab activities and projects to help students strengthen the application of concepts learnt given in Lab Activities and Projects
  • Glossary of all important terms given in Technopedia


Teacher’s Resources

  • Detailed Teacher’s Manual
  • Online Worksheets at www.vivadigital.in
  • Download Teacher’s Support Material on www.vivadigital.in


Chapter 1. Networking Concepts • Computer Network and Its Components • Networking Media • Networking Devices • Networking Terminology • Protocols

Chapter 2. OpenShot Video Editor • OpenShot Video Editor • Starting OpenShot • Components of OpenShot Window • Creating a New Project • Opening a Project • Importing Photos and Videos • Arranging Photos on Timeline • Applying Transitions • Adding Audio Effects • Adding Video Eff ects • Moving and Trimming Clips on Timeline • Adding Title • Exporting Video • Key Frames

Chapter 3. Log on to LibreOffi ce Base • Database • Types of Database • Database Objects •
LibreOffice Base • Starting LibreOffice Base • Creating a New Database

Chapter 4. Use of Tables in Base • Field Types • Views of a Table • Creating a Table • Setting Field Properties • Primary Key • Entering Data in a Table • Manipulating Data • Managing Fields in Design View • Sorting Data within a Table • Opening the Existing Database • Exiting the Database

Chapter 5. Working with Queries, Forms and Reports • Objects in a Database • Setting a Relationship between Tables • Creating a Query • Design Grid • Forms in LibreOffice Base • Reports

Chapter 6. Introduction to GIMP • GIMP • Starting GIMP • Components of GIMP • Creating a New File • Opening a File • Toolbox • GIMP Window Modes • Saving a File • Exiting a File

Chapter 7. More on GIMP • Layers • Paint Tools • Transform Tools • Additional Tools • Screenshot • Color Tools

Chapter 8. Introduction to C++ • Introduction to C++ • Opening Turbo C++ • Opening a File • Structure of C++ Program • Saving a Program • Compiling a Program • Running a Program • Printing a Program • Exiting Turbo C++ • Character Set

Chapter 9. Control Structure in C++ Programming • Sequence Control Structure • Selection Control Structure • Repetition/Looping Statements

Chapter 10. Understanding HTML • HTML Tags • Structure of an HTML Document • Creating an HTML Document • Viewing an HTML Document • Attributes • Types of Elements • Changing the Appearance of Text • Changing Font, Size, Colour and Style of Text • Attributes of Body Element • Setting Top and Left Margins • Core Attributes • Generic Attributes

Chapter 11. Using List and Creating Table • Unordered List • Ordered List • Definition List • Marquee Tag • Creating a Table • Attributes of Table Tags • Attributes of <TR>, <TD> and <TH> Tags • Linking Web Pages • Inserting Images

Chapter 12. Surfing the Internet • Multimedia • Real-Time Communication • Skype • Creating a Blog • Popular Real-Time Applications      

Lab Activities and Projects


About the Authors:

Ms Sreekala P (MCA, BSc) is a senior secondary computer science teacher with more than 10 years of experience. She has worked in some reputed schools in Pune and Kerala. Currently she is teaching in a reputed school in Thrissur, Kerala.

Shalini Bhatnagar has an MCA degree and over 21 years experience in teaching as a PGT teacher in Red Roses Public School, Saket, New Delhi. For the last 8 years, she has been an examiner for evaluation of theory and practical examinations for class 12. She is a State Teacher Awardee.

Target Audience:

Students of Class 8.

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