Title Cambridge IGCSE Mandarin Chinese Workbook
Author Yan Burch
ISBN 9781510451940
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Publishing year 2019
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Offers a clear and concise workbook to guide you through the Cambridge IGCSE Mandarin Chinese Syllabus (0547); providing guidance, exercises and examples in the key areas to improve comprehension and delivery of the language.

  • Develop language skills with language development integrated into every chapter and Pinyin (phonetics) included to shape speaking skills
  • Practice forming the correct Mandarin Chinese characters with step-by-step support provided in character formation activities
  • Deliver guided writing practice with essay activities that contain helpful prompts
  • Measure progress and plan future work with reflection sections


This workbook has not been through the Cambridge International endorsement process.


Unit 1: Personal and social life • Myself and my family • Family and pets • Hobbies • Weekends • Summer holidays

Unit 2: Everyday activities • Our house • School routine • School campus • Student life • What subjects do you like? • Eating and drinking • Health and fitness

Unit 3: The world around us • The place where I live • Finding the way • Spare time • Protecting the environment • Travel • Festivals

Unit 4: Further education and the world of work • Further education • Working as a volunteer • Leisure • Planning the future • The most satisfying job • It is beautiful outside


Target Audience:

Students and Teachers of IGCSE Chinese.


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