Title Language & Literature MYP by Concept 4 & 5
Author Gillian Ashworth
ISBN 9781471841668
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Publishing year 2019
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About the book


The only series for MYP 4 and 5 developed in cooperation with the International Baccalaureate (IB)

Drive meaningful inquiry using the only MYP resources for Years 4  and 5 developed with the IB

A concept-driven and assessment-focused approach to Language and literature teaching and learning.

  • Approaches each chapter with statements of inquiry, framed by key and related concepts, set in a global context.
  • Supports every aspect of assessment using tasks designed by an experienced MYP educators.
  • Differentiates and extends learning with research projects and interdisciplinary opportunities.
  • Applies global contexts in meaningful ways to offer an MYP Language and literature programme with an internationally-minded perspective.



Chapter 1: What does courage look like?

Chapter 2: What’s the drama?

Chapter 3: What perspective?

Chapter 4: How can poetry be used for protest?

Chapter 5: How can growing and learning be portrayed in short stories?

Chapter 6: Should we always believe what we see and hear?

Chapter 7: Why travel?

Chapter 8: What do our ethical and moral choices reveal about us?

Chapter 9: Should we always be able to say what we want, when we like?

Chapter 10: What do healthy relationships look like?

Chapter 11: How do we deal with a double-edged sword?

Chapter 12: What am I responsible for?




About the Author:

Gillian Ashworth has long experience of teaching English Language and Literature in Europe, Asia and South America, including at both MYP and DP levels in a number of IB Schools over that time. She has also been involved in curriculum and assessment development for MYP Language and Literature, and is both a face to face and online workshop facilitator for the subject at both MYP and DP levels, and an upskilling facilitator for other workshop leaders.


Target Audience:

For IB Middle Year Programme students.

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