Title Living & Being a Therapist
Subtitle A Collection of Readings
Author Jeffrey A. Kottler
ISBN 9781516525362
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Publishing year 2019
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Diverse in subject matter and intensely personal, Living and Being a Therapist: A Collection of Readings gathers together many of the seminal chapters, articles, and essays written by renowned psychotherapist and author Jeffrey Kottler throughout his career. The text boldly explores the complex personal challenges therapists and counselors experience during practice, as well as some of the universal issues and challenges that all of us encounter.

The anthology contains three dozen written works that illuminate Jeffrey’s personal experiences with the joys, pitfalls, and profound revelations that naturally accompany the practice of counseling and therapy. Divided into five sections, the readings cover topics including ethical and moral dilemmas, feelings of inadequacy and hypocrisy, the challenge of weathering failures, the development of close relationships with clients and loved ones, and much more.

Filled with thought-provoking introspections, and delivered with Jeffrey’s trademark honesty, Living and Being a Therapist is an authentic and enlightening read.


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Introduction: Where Angels Fear to Tread

Personal Disclosures • Hiking the Narrows • Becoming a Therapist • Clients Who Have Changed Me • A Personal Journey Through Conflict • On Being a Hypocrite • Reflections on Aging

Explorations and Investigations • The Language of Tears • Divine Madness: Painted in Blood • The Complexity of Change • Transformative Travel and Spiritual Journeys • Traveling Like an Anthropologist • The Pig’s Butler • He’s Got Game: A Tale of Courage and Resilience • I’m a Storyteller

Faults and Foibles • Really Bad Therapy • My Most Difficult Client • The Man Who Wanted His Nose Cut Off • Lying and Deceptions • When Therapists Supervise Themselves • Honoring Mystery

Being a Therapist • Living One Hundred Lives • Who We Are Versus What We Do • What Leads to Creative Breakthroughs? • From Therapist to Client • The Joys of Therapeutic Transcendence • On Being a Client: How to Get the Most From Therapy • Developing Your Own Voice • Secrets of Exceptional Therapists

Making a Difference • Feeling Useful • Confessions of a Spiritual Skeptic • Trauma, Trauma Everywhere • Love Is a Four-Letter Word in Therapy • Saving the World, or Saving Myself? • Leadership at Work and Play • Snapshots from a Therapist Trying to Make a Difference • Some Final Reflections • Selected Books • Credits


About the Author:

Jeffrey A. Kottler is one of the most prominent authors in the fields of counseling, psychotherapy, health, and education, having written over 100 books across a broad range of topics. He is a clinical professor in the Menninger Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston and professor emeritus of counseling at California State University, Fullerton. He has served as a counselor, therapist, supervisor, educator, and social justice advocate in a variety of professional settings throughout his career. He is an impassioned humanitarian and the founder of Empower Nepali Girls, a nonprofit that protects and mentors lower caste Nepali girls, a group at great risk to be forced into early marriage or sold into sex slavery.

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This book is intended for students and academicians of Psychology.

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