Title Wuthering Heights (Norton Critical Edition), 5/e
Author Emily Brontë, Alexandra Lewis
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 “Thank you. This is absolutely first-class in all respects. The reprinted 1850 poems and the contemporary reviews unveil insights unsuspected by the majority of readers; and the selection of current views and criticism is sensitive and representative.”
N. S. Asbridge, Central Connecticut State University


“A fine new edition at an affordable price.”
—Bernard Duyfhuizen, University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire


This Norton Critical Edition includes:

  • The first edition of the novel (1847), accompanied by a new preface and revised explanatory footnotes.
  • Fourteen of Emily Brontë’s letters regarding the publication of both the 1847 and 1850 editions of Wuthering Heights, along with key excerpts from her diary and devoirs.
  • Twenty-one of Brontë’s poems, three of them new to the Fifth Edition.
  • Thirteen reviews of both the 1847 and 1850 editions of the novel.
  • Five major critical assessments of Wuthering Heights, three of them new to the Fifth Edition.
  • A Chronology and a Selected Bibliography.


About the Series

Read by more than 12 million students over fifty-five years, Norton Critical Editions set the standard for apparatus that is right for undergraduate readers. The three-part format—annotated text, contexts, and criticism—helps students to better understand, analyze, and appreciate the literature, while opening a wide range of teaching possibilities for instructors. Whether in print or in digital format, Norton Critical Editions provide all the resources students need.


Preface to the Fifth Edition: “Spirits so Lost and Fallen”

The Text of Wuthering Heights
Volume I, Chapter I–XIV
Volume II, Chapter I–XX

Backgrounds and Contexts

Editor’s Note: Emily Brontë’s Diary • Emily Brontë’s Diary • November 24, 1834 • June 26, 1837 • July 30, 1841 • July 30, 1845
Editor’s Note: Emily Brontë’s Devoirs • The Cat • The Butterfly

Editor’s Note: Publishing the 1847 Wuthering Heights • Letters • C. Brontë to Messrs Aylott and Jones, 6 April 1846 • Currer Bell to Henry Colburn, 4 July 1846 • C. Bell to W. S. Williams, 10 November 1847 • C. Bell to W. S. Williams, 14 December 1847 • C. Bell to W. S. Williams, 21 December 1847 • T. C. Newby to ?Emily J. Brontë [Ellis Bell], 15 February 1848

Editor’s Note: Reviews of the 1847 Wuthering Heights • [H. F. Chorley] • Athenaeum, December 25, 1847 • Atlas, January 1848 • Douglas Jerrold’s Weekly Newspaper, January 1848 • Examiner, January 1848 • Britannia, January 1848 • [Unidentified Review] • New Monthly Magazine, January 1848 • [Sydney Dobell] • Palladium, September 1850 • [E. P. Whipple] • North American Review, October 1848

THE 1850 SECOND EDITION OF WUTHERING HEIGHTS • Editor’s Note: The 1850 Wuthering Heights • The Second Edition in Progress: Letters from Charlotte Brontë • To W. S. Williams, 5 September 1850 • To James Taylor, 5 September 1850 • To W. S. Williams, 10 September 1850 • To W. S. Williams, 13 September 1850 • To W. S. Williams, 20 September 1850 • To W. S. Williams, 27 September 1850 • To W. S. Williams, [?c. 19 November 1850] • To Sydney Dobell, 8 December 1850

[Charlotte Brontë] • Biographical Notice of Ellis and Acton Bell, by Currer Bell (1850)

[Charlotte Brontë] • Editor’s Preface to the New Edition of Wuthering Heights (1850)

Editor’s Note: Emily Brontë’s Poems for the 1850 Wuthering Heights

[Charlotte Brontë] • Selections from the Literary Remains of Ellis and Acton Bell (1850)

Ellis Bell • Poems • 40 [A little while, a little while] • 42 [The bluebell is the sweetest flower] • 39 [Loud without the wind was roaring] • 84 [Shall Earth no more inspire thee] • 79 [The night wind] • 85 [Aye there it is! It wakes to night] • 128 [Love is like the wild rose briar] • 112 [From a Dungeon Wall] • 106 [How few, of all the hearts that loved] • 98 [In the earth, the earth thou shalt be laid] • 35 [Song by J. Brenzaida to G.S.] • 32 [For him who struck thy
foreign string] • 120a [Heavy hangs the raindrop] • 120b [Child of Delight!] • 123 [Silent is the House] • 89 [I do not weep] • 201 [Stanzas] • 125 [No
coward soul is mine]

Editor’s Note: Reviews of the 1850 Wuthering HeightsExaminer, December 21, 1850 • [G. H. Lewes] • Leader, December 28, 1850 • [H. F. Chorley] •
Athenaeum, December 28, 1850 • Eclectic Review, February 1851

Editor’s Note: On Grief and Remembrance (Emily Brontë’s Other Poetry) • Ellis Bell • Poems • 116 [Remembrance] • 108 [To Imagination] • 77 [If greif for greif can touch thee]

Sandra M. Gilbert and Susan Gubar • Looking Oppositely: Emily Brontë’s Bible of Hell
Martha C. Nussbaum • The Romantic Ascent: Emily Brontë
Ivan Kreilkamp • Petted Things: Cruelty and Sympathy in the Brontës
Alexandra Lewis • Memory Possessed: Trauma and Pathologies of Remembrance in Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights
Janis McLarren Caldwell • Wuthering Heights and Domestic Medicine: The Child’s Body and the Book

Emily Brontë: A Chronology
Selected Bibliography

About the Author:

Emily Brontë (1818-1848) spent most of her life in a stone parsonage in the small village of Haworth on the wild and bleak Yorkshire moors. Despite the isolation of Haworth, the Brontë family shared a rich literary life.

Target Audience:

Students and Academicians of English Literature.


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