Title Getting Started with EEG Neurofeedback
Author John N. Demos
ISBN 9780393712537
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Publishing year 2019
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 “This book is the best introduction to neurofeedback I have ever seen. It is written in a way that is both comprehensive and accessible making it an invaluable resource for both new and experienced practitioners. I can confidently say that Getting Started with EEG Neurofeedback will be my new “go to” reference and required reading for my trainees. ”
Jeff Tarrant, PhD, BCN, Director NeuroMeditation Institute, author of Meditation-Based Interventions to Rewire the Brain


“In Getting Started with Neurofeedback, Second Edition, John Demos has crafted a text providing information that goes well beyond what its title implies. Indeed, this book is an excellent resource for those relatively new to the field; but beyond that it is useful as a reference for those who are experienced. The latter chapters are a sagacious guide about all aspects of practice. The book is replete with excellent clinical examples.”
Dick A. Genardi, PhD, BCN, Clinical Associate Professor, Wright State Univ. School of Professional Psychology, Neuropsychologist, NeuroBehavioralHealth Associates, Dayton Ohio


“Thank you very much John Demos. This book offers a lot of useful and really important information as well for beginners and advanced Neurofeedback practitioners. Besides classical standard applications, it gives a very detailed overview of newer approaches like Z-Score-Training based on quantitative EEG measures from several sources and databases. It´s a must have for everyone who practices Neurofeedback and I definitely will recommend is a required reading for all our attendees of our workshops.”
Thomas F. Feiner, BCIA BCN, Director of the Institute for EEG-Neurofeedback Germany


The long-awaited update to Demos’s classic book for the practitioner looking to add neurofeedback.

Neurofeedback training combines the principles of complementary medicine with the power of electronics. This book provides lucid explanations of the mechanisms underlying neurofeedback as well as the research history that led to its implementation. Essential for all clinicians in this field, this book will guide clinicians through the process of diagnosis and treatment.








Part I: Getting Started With the Basics 

Chapter 1. What Is EEG Neurofeedhack7 

Chapter 2. The EEG: The Brain’s Electrical Signals

Chapter 3. Bandwidths Measured by Frequency and Amplitude

Chapter 4. Flectrode Placements 

Chapter 5. Introduction to 2-D Brain Maps 

Chapter 6. Introduction to Power and Z-Score Training 


Part II: Amplifying and Filtering to Match EEG Signatures to Common Symptoms

Chapter 7. Amplifying the EEG 

Chapter 8. Filtering the EEG Into Bins 

Chapter 9. Common Filtered Bandwidths

Chapter 10. Filtered EEG Components: Asymmetry, Power Ratio, Coherence, and Phase

Chapter 11. Matching EEG Signatures to Common Symptoms and Disorders 


Part III: Editing the Raw EEG 

Chapter 12. The Importance of Examining the Raw EEG

Chapter 13. Editing Examples and EEG Signatures


Part IV: The Dynamic Brain: Regions of Interest

Chapter 14. The Nervous System 

Chapter 15 Brain Structures and Functions 

Chapter 16. Regions of Interest: Cortical and Subcortical 

Chapter 17. Brain Networks


Part V: Advanced Training and Protocol Generation 

Chapter 18. Thresholds: Advanced Theory of Protocol Operation 

Chapter 19. Z-Score Training Concepts and Concerns 

Chapter 20. Automated Site or Network Selection and Training Symptom With Jewel

Chapter 21. Deep States Training and Protocol Suggestions for PTSD and Addictions

Chapter 22. Photic Stimulation: Gamma and Cross-Frequency Coupling 

Chapter 23. Hemoencephalography Neurofeedback


Part VI: EEG Neurofeedback in Clinical Practice

Chapter 24. Treating the Whole Person

Chapter 25. Evaluation: Contraindications, Readministering Baseline Tests, and Termination

Chapter 26. Objective Treatment Plans and Comparison Reports

Chapter 27. Maintaining Professionalism 


Appendix 1. Relative Power

Appendix 2. Infra-slow Oscillation Training

Appendix 3. The EEG and Phase 




About the Author:

John N. Demos, MA, LCMHC, BCIA-EEG, is the Clinical Director of Neurofeedback of Southern Vermont, a complementary therapies clinic located in Brattleboro, VT. He is a licensed clinical mental health counselor and is certified in the field of EEG-biofeedback. He is also a member of the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback as well as of the International Society for Neuronal Regulation.


Target Audience:

Students and Academicians of Psychotherapy & Psychiatry.


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