Title A Resurgent East Asia
Subtitle Navigating a Changing World
Author Andrew D. Mason, Sudhir Shetty
ISBN 9781464813337
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“The world is changing. How do East Asia’s developing economies navigate this change? This Is a commendable book on this topic-a must-read for policy makers, academia, and students who are Interested In East Asia. “

—Chatib Basri, Former Minister of Finance, Government of Indonesia

“A Resurgent East Asia is a vital publication for the most successful region as it looks to the future and the expectations of its citizens. This study helps to identify the new areas of risk and to suggest ways to ameliorate them. In so doing, it is an invaluable resource for governments. Based on first-rate analysis, it is a must-read for policy makers and everyone interested in East Asia’s development prospects!”

—Danny Leipziger, Managing Director, The Growth Dialogue, and Professor of International Business, George Washington University

“This report delivers a careful and rigorous analysis of the strengths of East Asia’s ‘growth with equity’ development strategy. While noting the model’s success in lifting millions out of poverty, the report also warns of the looming challenge of maintaining growth with inclusion, and it highlights the need for countries to improve their social protection systems and ensure that opportunities are fair and available to all. A must-read for policy makers and development practitioners alike. “

—Ana Revenga, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution


East Asia has been a paragon of global development success. The dramatic transformation of the region over the past half century–with a succession of countries having progressed from low-income to middle-income and even to high income status-has been built on what has come to be known as the “East Asian development model.” A combination of policies that fostered outward-oriented, labor-intensive growth while strengthening basic human capital and providing sound economic governance has been instrumental in moving hundreds of millions of people out of poverty and into economic security.

Yet East Asia’s economic resurgence remains incomplete. More than 90 percent of its people now live in 10 middle-income countries, many of which can realistically aspire to high-income status in the next generation or two. But these countries are still much less affluent and productive than their high-income counterparts. Even as the region’s middle-income countries attempt to move up to high-income status, they confront a rapidly changing global and regional economic environment. Slowing growth in global trade and shifts in its patterns, rapid technological change, and evolving country circumstances all present challenges to sustaining productivity growth, fostering inclusion, and enhancing state effectiveness.

A Resurgent East Asia: Navigating a Changing World is about how policy makers across developing East Asia will need to adapt their development model to effectively address these challenges in the coming decade and sustain the region’s remarkable development performance.





Overview • Introduction • The East Asian development model has worked • Changing times, rising challenges • Navigating a changing world: directions for policy • Notes • References

Chapter 1: Developing East Asia: Retrospect and Prospects • Introduction • East Asia’s development strategy • Key development trends • What is changing and why it matters for developing East Asia • Structure of the report • Notes • References

Chapter 2: Sustaining Productivity Growth • Introduction • Productivity trends across the region and the world • Drivers of East Asia’s productivity trends • Sustaining productivity growth in East Asia: Challenges and opportunities • Conclusion • Notes • References

Chapter 3: Fostering Inclusive Growth • Introduction • Early drivers of growth with equity • Emerging challenges to ensuring shared growth • The changing nature of work • Rising returns to higher-order skills • How prepared is developing East Asia to foster inclusive growth in the future? • Conclusion • Notes • References

Chapter 4: Enhancing State Effectiveness • Introduction • The state of state effectiveness in developing East Asia • Political economy challenges in middle-income countries • Rising societal expectations • Enhancing state effectiveness in developing East Asia: Challenges and opportunities • Conclusion • Annex 4A Description of data sources • Notes • References

Chapter 5: Navigating a Changing World: Directions for Policy • Introduction • The five pillars of the policy agenda • Pillar 1: Boosting economic competitiveness • Pillar 2: Building skills • Pillar 3: Enhancing inclusion • Pillar 4: Strengthening institutions • Pillar 5: Financing the transition to high income • Conclusion • Notes • References

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This book is a must-read for policy makers, academia, and students who are Interested In East Asia.

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