Title Don’t Waste My Time
Subtitle Expert Secrets For Meetings That Inspire, Engage, and Get Results (Smarter in an Hour)
Author Kimberly Devlin
ISBN 9781939247117
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Binding Paperback
No of pages 176
Book size 152 x 228 mm
Publishing year 2019
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People don’t mind meetings—just ones that waste their time!

The secrets to successful, effective meetings aren’t complicated. With the strategies in this book and 60 minutes:

  • You can inspire meeting members instead of boring them.
  • You can engage participants instead of speaking to “attendees.”
  • You can achieve real results instead of closing meetings with ‘’we can finish this up next time.”

Whether you are convening multiple teams at a conference, leading a staff meeting, chairing a PTA committee, or facilitating a virtual meeting of remote workers—Don’t Waste My Time can help you get the results you need with the investment of just one hour from your busy schedule.

Everyone is busy.

But anyone can find an hour learn how to run a better meeting, lead productive teams, manage conflict more effectively, or improve their business writing. Whether you need to brush up on your business skills—or acquire them for the first time—commit just 60 minutes to reading a SMARTER IN AN HOUR book, and you are guaranteed to optimize your productivity and start getting the results you want. Each volume is complete with practical but powerful strategies and tools you can put to work right away.

SMARTER IN AN HOUR is not just a book series. It is a movement to help people become leaders with greater impact and less stress.

Got an hour?


Let’s Redefine What Meetings Can and Should Be “One Size Fits All” Isn’t Just a Lie on Clothing Labels • How Can This Book Help You Redefine Meetings?

Get Ready, Set, Go! One Hour? Really? • What You Can Achieve With This Book and 60 Minutes

Chapter 1: Where Do I Begin? Seven Strategies for Meetings That Inspire, Engage, and Get Results • Take the Guesswork Out of Meetings! • PLANNER: Purpose • PLANNER: Location • PLANNER: Agenda • PLANNER: Names • PLANNER: Note-taking • PLANNER: Expectations • What Will Your Participants Expect of You? • What Can You Expect of Your Participants? • PLANNER: Responsibilities • Leader • Facilitator • Scribe • Recorder • Timekeeper • Troubleshooter • Contributors • Other Roles • To Sum Up Planning Your Meeting • Put It Into Practice: Your Action Items for Leading Meetings That Inspire, Engage, and Get Results • One-Minute Roundup: Planning for Success

Chapter 2: What Belongs on the Agenda?Seven Key Elements for Every Agenda • The Seven Elemens for Every Agenda • Meeting Title, Time, and Location: Basic But Often Overlooked • Meeting Title • Time • Location • Members: What Is the Best Way to List Meeting Participants? • By Title • By Department or Organization • By Function in Relation to the Project • Meeting Outcomes, Not Discussion Items • Agenda Items: If I Have Meeting Outcome, Why Do I Need Agenda ltems? • Next Steps: What Happens Now? • To Sum Up Agendas • Put It Into Practice: Apply PLANNER to Your Next Meeting • Put It Into Practice: Create an Agenda for Your Next Meeting • One-Minute Roundup: Agendas

Chapter 3: How Do I Prevent Bad Behavior Before It Begins?50+ Proactive Strategies to Avoid Meeting Meltdowns • Seating Strategies: What Emily Post Never Told You About Seating • Arrangements • Random Seating • Partial Random Seating • Targeted Positioning Seating • Selective Positioning Seating • Put It Into Practice: Staying Ahead of Bad Behavior With Seating • Charts: Charting a Course to Better Behavior • Guidelines Chart (aka Social Agreements or Ground Rules) • Concerns Chart (aka Parking Lot) • Agreements Chart (aka Decisions Chart) • Put It Into Practice: Staying Ahead of Bad Behavior With Charts • Openings: You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression • Don’t Kill the Messenger: Delivering Bad News • Riding the Merry-Go-Round: Ongoing Meetings of Teams • Come Here Often? Initial Meetings of New Groups • To Sum Up Proactively Managing Bad Behavior • Put It Into Practice: Preventing Bad Behavior With Your Opener • One-Minute Roundup: Preventing Bad Behavior

Chapter 4: How Do I Manage Disruptive Meeting Behaviors?13 Techniques to Gel a Derailed Meeting Back on Track • Choose to Believe the Best: The Secret Weapon of Behavior Management • Build a Better Mousetrap: Effective Strategies to Manage Disruptive Behaviors • Arrives Late • Disengages • Uses Too Much Humor • Presents a Hidden Agenda • Dominates the Discussion • Engages in a Sidebar Conversation • Goes on Tangents • Leaves Early • Fails to Volunteer for Action Items • To Sum Up Managing Disruptive Behaviors • Put It Into Practice: Redefined Strategies to Manage Disruptive Behaviors • One-Minute Roundup: Managing Disruptive Behaviors

Chapter 5: We Had The Meeting—Now What?The Three-Step Method to Ensure Follow-Through • Ensuring Follow-Through in Three Easy Steps • Step One: Gain Verbal Agreement • Step Two: Finalize the Summary of Discussion • Step Three: Follow Up on Follow-Through • To Sum Up the Three-Step Method to Ensure Follow-Through • One-Minute Roundup: Ensuring Follow Through

Chapter 6: What About Meetings Disguised As Conversations?Applying Don’t Waste My Time Tools to Your One-on-One Meetings • PLANNER Applied to One-on-One Meetings • Purpose • Location • Agenda • Names • Note-taking • Expectations • Responsibilities • Agendas for One-on-One Meetings • Preventing Bad Behavior in One-on-One Meetings • Seating • Charts • Openings • Managing Disruprtive Behavior in One-on-One Meetings • Three Steps to Ensure Follow-Through for One-on-One Meetings • To Sum Up One-on-One Meetings • One-Minute Roundup: One-on-One Meetings

Chapter 7: Where Do I Go From Here?Plan and Lead Meetings That Inspire, Engage, and Get Results

About the Author


About TPH

About the Author:

Kimberly Devlin specialises in helping client organisations realise business objectives through strategic planning, organisation-wide training implementations, service standard creation, train-the-trainer certifications, and other initiatives. As a writer, instructional designer, facilitator, speaker, and consultant with more than 20 years’ industry experience, she has provided technical assistance nationally and internationally, has presented at international and industry-specific conferences, and has been featured in ATD’s TD Magazine for her status as a CPLP pilot pioneer.

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Useful for Corporates, Businessmen, Managers and every person who hold meetings regularly (professional or personal).

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