Title Choose Your Words
Subtitle Communicating with Young Children
Author Carol Garhart Mooney
ISBN 9781605545264
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Publishing year 2018
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When teachers are not precise in their communication, use idioms, or use sarcasm, children don’t learn, or, worse, they experience confusion or embarrassment because they don’t know what to do. This new edition of Use Your Words is infused with current research on communicating with young children and their families. The text considers change and current culture in the United States as it affects language and little ones in the context of 2017, while respecting universal pieces that continue to be helpful.

The new edition includes new and expanded examples viewed through a cultural, contextual, and chronological lens; a discussion of how today’s media affects young children, especially exposure to traumatic events around the world; and consideration of the impact of social media, cell phones, and texting on family life and public education. It also addresses how to help young children whose home language is not English and respect differing parental expectations as we move from one socioeconomic or cultural group to the next.




Chapter 1: Teacher Talk and Children’s Learning

Chapter 2: Giving Direction and Instructions

Chapter 3: Correcting Behavior

Chapter 4: Developing Skills and Concepts

Chapter 5: Conversations, Discussions, and Stories

Chapter 6: Contemporary Challenges

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About the Author:

Carol Garhart Mooney is the best-selling author of Theories of Childhood, Theories of Attachment, and Theories of Practice. She received the Distinguished Faculty Award for Teaching at Granite State College, and was twice named Early Educator of the Year. Carol won the New Hampshire Press Woman’s Awards for family pages writing, and is a past president of NHAEYC. She has been an early childhood educator for more than forty years, and lives in Dover, NH.

Target Audience:

Intended for people interested in teaching.


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