Title Team Teaching in Early Childhood
Subtitle Leadership Tools for Reflective Practice
Author Uniit Carruyo
ISBN 9781605544885
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Book size 204 x 280 mm
Publishing year 2017
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Discover how to support high-functioning and collaborative teacher teams in early childhood programs by developing healthy and confident team leaders. This manual covers topics of dynamic team teaching including how to:

  • Create unified teams
  • Become teacher leaders
  • Give and receive feedback
  • Build and assess differentiated curriculum


Children and families will benefit from teams working intentionally together with strong, thoughtful leadership, and this guide will get you there.





Chapter 1: Foundation of Team Teaching • Define Your Setting • A Culture of Collaboration • Reflective Practice

Chapter 2: Team Roles in an Early Childhood Setting • Leadership • The Role of the Lead Teacher • The Role of the Assistant

Chapter 3: Teamwork in Action: Communication Strategies • Ask Questions • Offer a New Perspective • Reframe the Situation • Focus on Interests

Chapter 4: Foundational Elements of an Effective Classroom Team • Clarity of Roles • Meaningful Contributions • Group Norms • Trust • Common Language • Peaceful Conflict • Professional Development

Chapter 5: Feedback • The Lead Teacher: Systems for Constructive Feedback • The Assistant Teacher: Engaging in Feedback • The Check-In Meeting • Using Surveys to Generate Feedback

Chapter 6: Team Meetings • The Facilitator’s Role • Clearing Protocol • Pair-Share Protocol • Speak-Listen-Observe Protocol • Self-Portrait Gallery Walk



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About the Author:

Uniit Carruyo has been an early childhood educator for more than twenty years and is currently the program director at Ithaca Montessori School in Ithaca, NY, USA. She is also an education consultant for private home environments and school organizations through Wiggles & Wings. Carruyo received her MS Ed in Leadership from Bank Street College of Education.

Target Audience:

Intended for people interested in teaching.


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