Title The Language of Popular Science
Subtitle Analyzing the Communication of Advanced Ideas to Lay Readers
Author Olga A. Pilkington
ISBN 9781476672533
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Binding Paperback
No of pages 154
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Publishing year 2019
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If you read popular science, you might wonder what makes these books work: how do the authors manage to make the subjects that used to induce sleep in class so entertaining and approachable? The use of language is the key. Olga A. Pilkington uses linguistic analysis to show how expert popularizers use the narratives, definitions, and voices of scientists to engage readers, promote the scientific community, and demonstrate the power of science. In the process, they often blur the lines between non-fiction and fiction, allow the reader to take part in thought experiments, and turn ordinary scientists into omnipotent heroes. Based on analysis of popular science bestsellers, this book offers a unique combination of linguistic scholarship and accessibility.




Introduction: Popular Science

Chapter 1: A Linguist Looks at Popular Science

Chapter 2: Personal Narratives

Chapter 3: Narratives of Discovery: Explanation Made Easy

Chapter 4: Narratives and Ideology: What’s in a Structure?

Chapter 5: What They Say: Speech of Scientists

Chapter 6: What They Imagine Is Possible: Thoughts of Scientists

Chapter 7: Literature and Limericks: Writing in Popular Science

Chapter 8: Definitions: Types and Methods

Chapter 9: Interacting with Readers through Definition

Chapter 10: The Fictionalized Reader

Chapter 11: Lab Lit: Fictional Science

Conclusion: Professional Science and Popular Science




About the Author:

Olga A. Pilkington is an assistant professor of English at Dixie State University. She lives in St. George, Utah.

Target Audience:

Intended for people interested in philosophy and popular science. 


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