Title The Web and Faith
Subtitle Theological Analysis of Cyberspace Technologies
Author Ayse Kok
ISBN 9788793609570
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Computing technology is an indispensable feature of modern life. Our rapid-paced world seems more and more remote from the world narrated in sacred scriptures. However, despite its pervasiveness, there remains a dearth of theological reflection about computer technology and what it means to live as a faithful individual in a digitally - saturated society.

The Web and Faith provides a brief theology of technology, rooted in the Islamic tradition and oriented around the grand themes of creation, redemption and new creation. The book combines a concise, accessible style with penetrating cultural and theological analysis. Building on the work of Marshall McLuhan and Neil Postman, and drawing from a wide range of enlightened Islamic thinkers, the book situates computer technology within the big picture of the story of creation. Technology is not neutral, but neither is there an exclusively ‘’faith-based’’ form of technological production and use. Instead, this book guides us to see the digital world as part of a larger creation, which is redeemable according to the law of faith. Responsibly used, technology can become an integral part of religious wisdom world-wide.



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Chapter 1: Defining Technology • Introduction • Technology or Soulcraft?

Chapter 2: Physical Dimension of Technology • Introduction • Thinking Machines

Chapter 3: Spiritual Dimension of Technology

Chapter 4: Communicational Dimension of Technology

Chapter 5: Occupational Dimension of Technology

Chapter 6: Trade Dimension of Technology

Chapter 7: Dark Dimension of Technology • Introduction • Encryption Runs Counter to the Business Interests of Many Companies • Other Surveillance Mechanisms: The Internet of Things and Networked Sensors

Chapter 8: Final Remarks

Chapter 9: Appendix A: Detailed Overview of Innovation and Competition Policies • Introduction • Taxonomies of Innovations • Literature Review • Theories Underpinning Competition Policy • Theories Underpinning Innovation Policy • The Role of Competition Policy in the Innovation Process • Competition in the Market or for the Market? • Theoretical Results • Competition versus Monopoly • Racing Models • R&D Cooperation Policy • R&D Subsidies • Patents • Empirical Evidence • The Rate of Return to Investment in R&D • Cross-sectional Evidence • Suggestions • Conclusion

Chapter 10: Appendix B: Conceptualizing Cyber Security from the EU • Perspective • Concepts and Approaches of the EU’s Cyber Security Policy • The EU Approach to Cyber Security • Progress and Challenges of the EU Cyber Security Strategy • Conclusion

Chapter 11: Appendix C: International Code of Conduct for Information Security (SCO)



About the Author

About the Author:

Ayse Kok received her MSc and Doctorate degree in Technology & Learning in University of Oxford in 2006. She participated in various research projects for UN, Nato and the EU and held various positions in global companies such as E&Y and BNPP. She worked as an adjunct faculty member at Bogazici University in her home town Istanbul, Turkey and participated as an invited speaker at various international conferences and published more than 50 articles. Ayse has also a second Masters degree in Tech Policy from Cambridge University. Currently, Ayse lives in Silicon Valley where she works as a contractor researcher for Google on user interaction design.

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Intended for people interested in Computer Networking and Technologies.


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