Title Unpacking Coaching Mindsets
Subtitle Collaboration Between Principals and Coaches
Author Jacy Ippolito, Rita M. Bean
ISBN 9781943920273
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Publishing year 2019
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 “Crisp. Clean. Succinct. A gem for coaches and other teacher leaders to visit and revisit when there’s never enough time!”

Enrique A. Puig, Ed.D., Director, Morgridge International Reading Center

“An easy to follow, useful guide, that is a must-read for all education leaders who truly wish to transform their literacy practices to improve student achievement in their school.”

Charlene A. Trovato, PhD, Chair, Doctor of Education Program, University of Pittsburgh

“As a reference guide, this companion to Cultivating Coaching Mindsets: An Action Guide for Literacy Leaders will serve as an invaluable tool for literacy leaders and literacy-leaders-to-be! It brings resources together from various places (including the experience and expertise of the authors) and provides suggestions for “uses” by various stakeholders. This is a great asset for graduate coursework.”

Misty Sailors, PhD, Director, Center for the Inquiry of Transformative Literacies


With notes directly from the authors, concrete recommendations for improvement and self-assessment, and reflection questions for both coaches and principals to get the conversation started, Unpacking Coaching Mindsets is the most practical reference guide for any literacy leader to pick up and begin using immediately.

The authors put their years of research experience, classroom teaching, and consulting work into the ultimate guide for coaches and leaders responsible for literacy learning in their schools. They take that guide and distil it into an approachable, on-the-go resource for literacy leaders and principals alike.

It serves three essential groups and roles:

  • For established literacy leaders, as a quick reference guide for essential concepts.
  • For aspiring literacy professionals, as a study guide to better prepare them for their education and professional work.
  • For coaches and principals, as a conversation starter for greater collaboration and more effective leadership.


About the Authors


Chapter 1: Framework for Thinking and Acting like a Coach • Uses • Reflection • Notes from the Authors

Chapter 2: Levels of Intensity • Uses • Reflection • Notes from the Authors

Chapter 3: School Culture: Considering Human and Social Capital • Uses • Reflection • Notes from the Authors

Chapter 4: Coaching Individuals • Modeling • Co-Teaching • Observation/Debrief Cycle • Uses • Reflection • Notes from the Authors

Chapter 5: Facilitation and Group Coaching • Guidelines for Working with Groups • Protocols and Resources Useful for Group Coaching • Uses • Reflection • Notes from the Authors

Chapter 6: Assessment as a Guide to Student Literacy Learning • Purposes of Assessment • Importance of an Assessment System • Using Data to Improve Classroom Instruction • Limitations and Pitfalls • Uses • Reflection • Notes from the Authors

Chapter 7: Developing a Schoolwide Literacy Plan • Literacy Leadership Teams • The Comprehensive Literacy Program: Planning for Action • Uses • Reflection • Notes from the Authors

Chapter 8: Advocating for Strong Community Relationships • Ways That Successful Leaders Advocate • Uses • Reflection • Notes from the Authors

Chapter 9: The Coach and Principal Working Together • Coach-Principal Relationship Questionnaire • Final Thoughts • Uses • Reflection • Notes from the Authors


About the Authors:

Jacy Ippolito’s research and teaching focus on the intersection of ado­lescent and disciplinary literacy, literacy coaching, teacher lead­ership, and school reform. He co-authored Cultivating Coaching Mindsets to help leaders and coaches promote the advancement of literacy instruction.

Rita M. Bean, PhD, is professor emerita from the University of Pittsburgh, Department of Instruction and Learning and has over 25 years of experience teaching students preparing to be reading specialists. Wanting to share this knowledge, she co-authored Cultivating Coaching Mindsets to help leaders promote the advancement of literacy instruction.

Target Audience:

Useful for established literacy leaders, aspiring literacy professionals, and coaches and principals.


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