Title Structural Changes in the Manufacturing Sector in India
Subtitle A Historical Approach
Author Sabihuddin Kidwai
ISBN 9789388653893
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Publishing year 2019
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About the book


The purpose of this book is to evaluate the impact of structural changes in the manufacturing sector on industrial growth and development in India. This book provides reading material to students and scholars as a source to review the past, analyse the present and think about the future aspects of Indian economy. It also provides all possible historical records of theories of economic development. This book is specialized in the areas of industrial and development economic studies. The book is designed to facilitate and guide students, research scholars and faculty for research and study purposes including undergraduate and postgraduate students of management, commerce and economic studies. Detailed information in both theoretical and numerical data is given in some chapters in the form of tables. The information is sourced from the author’s own personal experiences and notes based on secondary sources.

The main aim of this book is to give basic knowledge about the manufacturing sector in India and its impact on industrial performance of the Indian economy. Emergence of a heavy electrical and machinery industry, steel industry and the relative decline of the textiles and other traditional industries within the manufacturing sector in historical perspective are cases in point. The study is based on the Annual Survey of Industries (ASI) by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) and other secondary sources. The book is restricted only to the economic aspects of the structural changes in manufacturing.




Chapter One: Introduction to Manufacturing Sector • Importance of Manufacturing Sector (Historical Perspective) • The Economic History of Industrialization • The Problem and Hypothesis • The Data Sources and Methodology • Scope, Objectives and Limitations of the Study

Chapter Two: Economic Development and Structural Change • Economic Development and Modern Economic Growth • Economic Structure • Interaction Between Development and Structure • Historical Evidences and Growth • Concluding Remarks

Chapter Three: Indian Economy on the Eve of Independence • General Economic and Social Conditions • Development of Agriculture • Development of Industry and Manufacturing • Concluding Remarks

Chapter Four: Structural Changes in the Manufacturing Sector • Methods of Measurement of Stages of Industrialization • Changes in Employment Structure • Changes in Value-added Structure • Indices of Structural Changes in Manufacturing • Relative Rankings of Major Manufacturing Groups • Wage Patterns and Sectoral Productivities • Manufacturing Stagnation and Sectoral Structural Changes • Impact of Reform Policies

Chapter Five: Historical Reviews and Conclusions (Past, Present and Future) • Historical Reviews and Summary of Chapters • Historical Summary, World Trade, GDP and People’s Welfare • Highlights of Post-independence and Post-reform Industrial Policies • Intellectual Behaviour and Globalization • Modern Manufacturing Revolution, Limitations of Ill Effects and Recommendations • Final Outcome, Policy Guidelines, Conclusions and Future Plan of the Study



About the Author:

Sabihuddin Kidwai did his M.A. and Ph.D. in Economics from Aligarh Muslim University (AMU). He was a lecturer in the Department of Economics, AMU and senior lecturer at the Women’s College, AMU. He also worked as an associate professor in the Business Studies Department, Salalah College of Technology, Oman. Dr Kidwai has over 35 years of experience in teaching graduate and postgraduate students.

Target Audience:

The book is designed to facilitate and guide students, research scholars and faculty for research and study purposes including undergraduate and postgraduate students of management, commerce and economic studies.


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