Title Marriage and Family Therapy, 2/e
Subtitle A Practice-Oriented Approach
Author Linda Metcalf
ISBN 9780826161246
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This text provides students of family therapy with a unique opportunity to understand and compare the inner workings of 14 traditional and non-traditional family therapy models. The book demonstrates, through innovative “guiding templates,” how the different therapeutic models are applied in an actual family therapy situation. The second edition features a new chapter on neuroscience, new interviews with master therapists on topics such as LGBT families, EMDR and research, and coverage of ethical issues concerning electronic safety and telephonic therapy.

Overviews of every model include history, views of change, views of the family, and the role of the therapist. Chapters on every model also provide responses to one, realistic case study with commentary and analysis by master therapists to illustrate how each one addresses the same scenario. Interviews with master therapists illustrate how each mode of therapy actually “works” and how therapists “do it.” Print version of the book includes free, searchable, digital access to the entire contents!

New to the Second Edition:

  • Examines neuroscience and its role in family therapy
  • New chapter on solution focused narrative therapy with families
  • Includes enhanced coverage of self-care and mindfulness for the therapist
  • Contains educator resources including instructor’s manual, PowerPoint slides, and a test bank
  • Updated references provide current developments in the field of marriage and family therapy
  • Provides insight on submitting research articles for publication through an interview with a current journal editor
  • Reports on current, revised ethical guidelines from the AAMFT

Key Features:

  • Provides a guiding template for each family therapy model from assessment through termination
  • Describes a practice-oriented approach to family therapy
  • Uses a single case study throughout the book where different approaches to therapy are applied by master therapists
  • Introduces the theory, history, theoretical assumptions, techniques, and components of each model
  • Includes numerous interviews, case study commentary, and analyses by master therapists



Foreword H. Charles Fishman



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Part I: Introduction

Chapter 1. The Practice of Marriage and Family Therapy (Linda Metcalf)

Chapter 2. Self-Care of the Therapist (Bethany Suppes)

Part II: Theories in Marriage and Family Therapy

Chapter 3. Bowen Family Systems Theory (Maja Popovic)

Chapter 4. Contextual Family Therapy and the Evolution of Restoration Therapy (Kathleen Sweeney)

Chapter 5. Cognitive Behavioral Family Therapy (Christian Love Hutcheson)

Chapter 6. Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (Megan R. Pickens)

Chapter 7. Symbolic-Experiential Family Therapy (Carolyn Becker and Lisa Saunders)

Chapter 8. Satir Human Validation Process Model (K. Jacobie Robinson)

Chapter 9. Milan Systemic Family Therapy (Kimberley Benson-Toynes)

Chapter 10. Structural Family Therapy (Paulina Guzzardo and Luis Pina-Narvaez)

Chapter 11. Strategic Family Therapy (Russell Bartee)

Chapter 12. Solution-Focused Therapy With Families (Vernesa Perry)

Chapter 13. Narrative Therapy With Families (Ericka Pitts)

Chapter 14. Emotionally Focused Therapy With Families (Socorro Preciado)

Chapter 15. Medical Family Therapy (Katharine O’Connor)

Chapter 16. Solution-Focused Narrative Therapy With Families (Kristen M. Lowe)

Chapter 17. Neuroscience and Family Therapy (Michael Ellison)

Part III: Other Issues in Marriage and Family Therapy

Chapter 18. Supervision in Marriage and Family Therapy (Heather M. Cawthon and Brandi M. Smith)

Chapter 19. Research in Marriage and Family Therapy (Bianca Mickan and Angela Stillman)

Chapter 20. Ethical Issues in Marriage and Family Therapy (Quintrella Gahagan)

Chapter 21. Working With Diverse Families and Couples (Layla Z. Scott)


About the Author:

Linda Metcalf, PhD, LPC-S, LMFT-S, CSC, is a professor and the director of all graduate counseling programs at Texas Wesleyan University. She is a licensed professional counsellor and licensed marriage and family therapist in the state of Texas. She received her MEd in school counseling from Texas Christian University and her PhD in marriage and family therapy from Texas Woman’s University. Dr. Metcalf is a leader in the development and application of solution-focused approaches in a wide range of settings and audiences, as well as the practice of marriage and family therapy. She is the author of 11 books for both professional and lay audiences, including the best sellers Counseling Toward Solutions: A Practical Solution-Focused Program for Working with Students, Teachers, and Parents, 2nd Edition (2008); Solution-Focused Group Therapy (2007); Solution-Focused Narrative Therapy (SPC, 2017); and is the author of the first edition of Marriage and Family Therapy (SPC, 2011). She maintains a private practice in the Fort Worth, Texas, area in addition to her academic appointment.

She has served as president and board member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) as well as the president of the Texas Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. She has provided training extensively throughout the United States and internationally, including Australia, Japan, Norway, Germany, United Kingdom, Amsterdam, Singapore, and Canada.

Target Audience:

Marital therapists, family therapists and counselors.


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