Title Behind the Manipulation, 2/e
Subtitle The Art of Advertising Copywriting
Author William Barre
ISBN 9781516532001
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Publishing year 2019
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Behind the Manipulation: The Art of Advertising Copywriting reveals the secrets behind the manipulation that is inherent in all brand advertising. It offers readers a step-by-step guide to writing brand advertising for all media, including social media.

Students learn about the history of brand advertising and its role in marketing, as well as the three major strategic theories of brand advertising. They learn how to think creatively and develop their own unique “voices” for campaigns. The book demonstrates the vital importance of visual thinking in brand advertising and the craft of writing headlines and body copy that support those visuals.

Each chapter is rich with full-color advertising examples and includes “limbering up” exercises that enable readers to put the book’s principles into practice. The core chapters teach students how to create individual ads and commercials, and how to combine them into full, multimedia branding campaigns. The book culminates with twelve creative briefs that readers can use as a starting point in creating campaigns for their own portfolios, which are essential to getting any job as a copywriter.

Successfully class-tested in the first edition, Behind the Manipulation: The Art of Advertising Copywriting is the ideal choice for courses in copywriting, advanced copywriting, and portfolio-creation, as well as introductory advertising, mass communication, and popular culture courses.





Chapter 1: The Basics • First, It’s All about People • Then, It’s All about the Target Market • And Then It’s All about Me! • Where Advertising Fits • It All Starts with Branding • The Role of Advertising in Branding • We’re Not in the Reality Business; We’re in the Perception Business • Chapter one Limbering-Up Exercise • Figure Credits

Chapter 2: History of Modern American Consumerism • The Manipulators’ Rise to the Occasion • America Bursts into the 20th Century • Chapter two Limbering-Up Exercise • Notes • Figure Credits

Chapter 3: Advertising Strategic Theories • Strategic Theory #1: USP • Strategic Theory #2: Positioning • Working the Strategic Continuum • Strategic Theory #3: Emotional Branding • Chapter Three Limbering-Up Exercise • Notes • Figure Credits


Chapter 4: How to Be a Creative Copywriter • Where Do Advertising Copywriters Work? • So Many Hats, So Little Time • How to Think Creatively • The Secret to Creativity • Working with Your Unconscious Mind • Writer’s Block • Flipping Paradigms: Find the Expected, Then Do the Unexpected • Super Visuals: Visual Metaphors for the Benefit • The Importance of “Clean Living” to Creativity • Chapter Four Limbering-Up Exercises • Figure Credits

Chapter 5: Wordsmithing in Print • How Consumers Read Print Ads • Wordsmithing the Headline • Devices That Make Headlines Clever • More on “Playing to” and “Playing against” the Visual • Wordsmithing the Body Copy • The Three-Paragraph Rule in Body Copy • Paragraph Two and Puffery • Body Copy Length • Chapter Five Limbering-Up Exercise #1: Headlines • Chapter Five Limbering-Up Exercise #2: Visuals • Chapter Five Limbering-Up Exercise #3: The Body Copy • Figure Credits

Chapter 6: Wordsmithing in Out-of-Home • The Big Caveat of Out-of-Home Advertising • “Violating” the Board • Billboards—Back from the Grave • Beyond Billboards • Chapter Six Limbering-Up Exercises • Figure Credits

Chapter 7: Wordsmithing in Radio • Where to Start? • Writing for the Ear • More on Characters Speaking to Each Other • Radio Script Format • A Great Script • The Power of the Jingle • Chapter Seven Limbering-Up Exercise #1: Radio • Chapter Seven Limbering-Up Exercise #2: Writing a Jingle • Figure Credits

Chapter 8: Wordsmithing in TV • Write with Images, not Words • Stitching Images Together • Learning to Write Images, Not Words • The Persuasive Essay in Commercials • Putting It All into a Script • A “Super” Versus a Title • Storyboarding • Producing the Commercial • Production Curve Balls • Commercial Genre • Cinema • Chapter Eight Limbering-Up Exercises • Chapter Eight Limbering-Up Exercise #1: The Persuasive-Essay Commercial • What about the Positioning Strategy? • Chapter Eight Limbering-Up Exercise #2: The Genre-Driven Commercial • Chapter Eight Limbering-Up Exercise #3: The All-Visual, Killer-Line Commercial • Figure Credits

Chapter 9: Wordsmithing on the Internet • The Two Hats of the Internet • The Internet as an Advertising Medium • The Google Model • The Facebook Model • The YouTube Model • The Twitter Model • The Snapchat Model • The Instagram Model • The Pinterest Model • Stitching It All Together—Synergy in Social Media • Beyond Google and Social Media • The Mobile “Wild Card” • The Internet as an Interactive Marketing-Communications Tool • Chapter Nine: Limbering-Up Exercises • Figure Credits

Chapter 10: How to Do Campaigns • Campaigns in One Medium versus Several Media • Print Campaigns • Out-of-Home Campaigns • Internet Banner-Ad Campaigns • Radio Campaigns • TV Campaigns • Multimedia Campaigns • More about Threads • Multimedia Campaigns without TV • Chapter Ten Limbering-Up Exercises • Figure Credits


Chapter 11: Working With the Creative Briefs • What’s with the Sweet Spot? • Moving to the Sweet Spot • Getting What You’ve Learned into Your Book • Campaign Checklist • Top 10 Ways to Great Advertising • Notes

Chapter 12: The Creative Briefs • Brief #1 • Brief #2 • Brief #3 • Brief #4 • Brief #5 • Brief #6 • Brief #7 • Brief #8 • Brief #9 • Brief #10 • Brief #11 • Brief #12


Chapter 13: Building Your Portfolio and Finding a Job • Portfolio Schools • Building Your Book • The Fork in the Road • What Should You Put in Your Book? • Going It Alone • URLs & YOU

Chapter 14: Career Advice • Getting into Creative • If Not Creative, Then What? • Turning Work into Fun • Like A Vampire Needs Blood

Chapter 15: Odds and Ends • Pro Bono • We’re All Scared • “I Like Your Baby, but …” • Mentors • Trusting Your Gut • Money, Money, Money • Dog Years • Failure Is in the DNA of Success • Figure Credits


Resources • YouTube • Communication Arts (CA) magazine • The Siren Awards • Outdoor Advertising Association of America • American Advertising Federation

Appendices • A1: Daisy Lyrics • A2: Grips Storyboard • A3: Format Sheet • A4: Three-Paragraph Rule

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About the Author:

William Barre was a writer and creative director for 30 years at a variety of Chicago ad agencies, including JWT, Foote, Cone & Belding, and Campbell-Ewald. He has done award-winning work for many of the world’s most famous brands and companies including Gatorade, Van Camp’s, Hallmark, McDonald’s, Gillette, Kellogg, and dozens more. His awards are among the most prestigious in the industry, including Communication Arts’ “Award of Merit,” the Effie, Advertising Age’s “Top Ten Print Campaigns,” and the Clio. Professor Barre earned his M.S. degree from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana and began teaching 15 years ago at Kent State University, then the University of Wisconsin, and finally Central Michigan University.

Target Audience:

This is is an ideal text for courses in copywriting, advanced copywriting, and portfolio-creation, as well as introductory advertising, mass communication, and popular culture courses.

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