Title Prostate Cancer
Author Michael M. Shen, Mark A. Rubin
ISBN 9781621821649
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Publishing year 2019
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Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men and causes thousands of deaths annually. Many prostate tumors are slow growing and localized to the prostate, whereas others are more aggressive and spread to other areas of the body (e.g., bones). Work to better understand prostate cancer will lead to improved treatment options and more precise care for patients with this disease.

Written and edited by experts in the field, this collection from Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Medicine covers the recent progress that has been made in understanding the pathogenesis and treatment of prostate cancer. The contributors review the normal development, anatomy, and histology of the prostate; the genetic, lifestyle, and dietary factors associated with prostate cancer risk; and the alterations in the genome, epigenetic landscape, transcriptional networks, and metabolic and signaling pathways that drive oncogenesis. The role of the tumor microenvironment in prostate cancer pathogenesis is covered, as are the molecular mechanisms of metastasis. The authors also discuss how mouse models and patient-derived tissues can be used to study aspects of the disease and accelerate the development of appropriate therapies.

Other topics include methods for diagnosing and monitoring prostate cancer, such as biomarker (e.g., serum PSA) testing, histopathological grading, and anatomical and molecular imaging techniques, as well as treatment options that are currently available and under development. Strategies that may prevent prostate cancer altogether (e.g., chemoprevention) are also described. This volume is therefore a vital reference for all cancer biologists and clinician–scientists concerned with defeating this disease.



Foreword (Charles L. Sawyers)

Prostate Cancer Research at the Crossroads (Michael M. Shen and Mark A. Rubin)

Anatomy and Histology of the Human and Murine Prostate (Michael Ittmann)

Prostate Organogenesis (Jeffrey C. Francis and Amanda Swain)

The Epidemiology of Prostate Cancer (Claire H. Pernar, Ericka M. Ebot, Kathryn M. Wilson, and Lorelei A. Mucci)

Prostate Cancer Germline Variations and Implications for Screening and Treatment (Alexander Dias, Zsofia Kote-Jarai, Christos Mikropoulos, and Ros Eeles)

Prostate Cancer Disparities by Race and Ethnicity: From Nucleotide to Neighborhood (Timothy R. Rebbeck)

Histopathology of Prostate Cancer (Peter A. Humphrey)

Molecular Pathology of High-Grade Prostatic Intraepithelial Neoplasia: Challenges and Opportunities (Levent Trabzonlu, Ibrahim Kulac, Qizhi Zheng, Jessica L. Hicks, Michael C. Haffner, William G. Nelson, Karen S. Sfanos, Onur Ertunc, Tamara L. Lotan, Christopher M. Heaphy, Alan K. Meeker, Srinivasan Yegnasubramanian, and Angelo M. De Marzo)

Prostate Stem Cells and Cancer Stem Cells (Jia J. Li and Michael M. Shen)

Transcriptional Regulation in Prostate Cancer (David P. Labbé and Myles Brown)

Prostate Cancer Epigenetics: From Basic Mechanisms to Clinical Implications (Srinivasan Yegnasubramanian, Angelo M. De Marzo, and William G. Nelson)

The Genomics of Prostate Cancer: A Historic Perspective (Mark A. Rubin and Francesca Demichelis)

Chemoprevention in Prostate Cancer: Current Perspective and Future Directions (J. Ricardo Rivero, Jr., Ian M. Thompson, Jr., Michael A. Liss, and Dharam Kaushik)

Androgen Signaling in Prostate Cancer (Charles Dai, Hannelore Heemers, and Nima Sharifi)

New Opportunities for Targeting the Androgen Receptor in Prostate Cancer (Margaret M. Centenera, Luke A. Selth, Esmaeil Ebrahimie, Lisa M. Butler, and Wayne D. Tilley)

Neuroendocrine Differentiation in Prostate Cancer: Emerging Biology, Models, and Therapies (Loredana Puca, Panagiotis J. Vlachostergios, and Himisha Beltran)

DNA Damage Response in Prostate Cancer (Matthew J. Schiewer and Karen E. Knudsen)

Cellular Constituents of the Prostate Stroma: Key Contributors to Prostate Cancer Progression and Therapy Resistance (Christine Levesque and Peter S. Nelson)

Metastases in Prostate Cancer (Federico La Manna, Sofia Karkampouna, Eugenio Zoni, Marta De Menna, Janine Hensel, George N. Thalmann, and Marianna Kruithof-de Julio)

Genetically Engineered Mouse Models of Prostate Cancer in the Postgenomic Era (Juan M. Arriaga and Cory Abate-Shen)

Preclinical Models of Prostate Cancer: Patient-Derived Xenografts, Organoids, and Other Explant Models (Gail P. Risbridger, Roxanne Toivanen, and Renea A. Taylor)

Preclinical and Coclinical Studies in Prostate Cancer (Ming Chen and Pier Paolo Pandolfi)

Metabolic Vulnerabilities of Prostate Cancer: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Opportunities (Giorgia Zadra and Massimo Loda)

Molecular Biomarkers in the Clinical Management of Prostate Cancer (Aaron M. Udager and Scott A. Tomlins)

Anatomic and Molecular Imaging in Prostate Cancer (Eric T. Miller, Amirali Salmasi, and Robert E. Reiter)

Immunotherapy for Prostate Cancer (Nicholas J. Venturini and Charles G. Drake)

Treatment of Advanced Prostate Cancer—A Review of Current Therapies and Future Promise (Semini Sumanasuriya and Johann De Bono)


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People interested in Human Biology and Disease; Diseases; Cancer Biology.

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