Title RNA Worlds
Subtitle New Tools for Deep Exploration
Author Thomas R. Cech, Joan A. Steitz, John F. Atkins
ISBN 9781621822240
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Publishing year 2019
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RNA (ribonucleic acid) molecules drive much of cellular action. Messenger RNA (mRNA) relays genetic information from DNA to ribosomes to direct the formation of proteins. At the same time, noncoding RNAs act as enzymes, scaffolds, and regulatory molecules, contributing greatly to the regulation of gene activity, RNA splicing, protein synthesis, and even DNA replication.

This new edition of the highly successful RNA Worlds series focuses on emerging tools for analysis of RNA biology and how these tools are driving our understanding of RNA structure and function. The contributors review new approaches for imaging RNA molecules in cells, techniques for analyzing the behavior of single RNA molecules in vitro and in vivo, transcriptome-wide analyses, and novel methods for determining the structure of RNA and RNP (ribonucleoprotein) complexes. They discuss the insights these provide into the transcription and splicing machinery, ribosomes, reverse transcriptases, and subcellular structures such as stress granules.

Also included are chapters exploring CRISPR editing, RNA switches for use in synthetic biology, and development of novel drugs targeting pathogenic RNA structures. In addition, the book covers recent insights into the primordial RNA World, including protocells and homochirality. It will therefore be of interest not only to biochemists and molecular biologists but to evolutionary biologists pondering the emergence of life on Earth.



Foreword to the First Edition of The RNA World (Francis Crick)

Prologue to the First Edition of The RNA World (James D. Watson)


Imaging the Life and Death of mRNAs in Single Cells (Jeffrey A. Chao and Timothée Lionnet)

Quantifying Single mRNATranslation Kinetics in Living Cells (Tatsuya Morisaki and Timothy J. Stasevich)

Illuminating Genomic Dark Matter with RNA Imaging (Arjun Raj and John L. Rinn)

Principles of Stress Granules Revealed by Imaging Approaches (Briana Van Treeck and Roy Parker)


Nascent RNA and the Coordination of Splicing with Transcription (Karla M. Neugebauer)

U1 snRNP Telescripting: Suppression of Premature Transcription Termination in Introns as a New Layer of Gene Regulation (Christopher C. Venters, Jung-Min Oh, Chao Di, Byung Ran So, and Gideon Dreyfuss)

Approaches for Understanding the Mechanisms of Long Noncoding RNA Regulation of Gene Expression (Patrick McDonel and Mitchell Guttman)

What Are 3´ UTRs Doing? (Christine Mayr)

Discovering and Mapping the Modified Nucleotides That Comprise the Epitranscriptome of mRNA
(Bastian Linder and Samie R. Jaffrey)

Mapping the dsRNA World (Daniel P. Reich and Brenda L. Bass)


Technique Development for Probing RNA Structure In Vivo and Genome-Wide (Philip C. Bevilacqua and
Sarah M. Assmann

The RNA Base-Pairing Problem and Base-Pairing Solutions (Zhipeng Lu and Howard Y. Chang)

Detecting RNA G-Quadruplexes (rG4s) in the Transcriptome (Chun Kit Kwok, Giovanni Marsico, and Shankar Balasubramanian)

Linking RNA Sequence, Structure, and Function on Massively Parallel High-Throughput Sequencers (Sarah K. Denny and William J. Greenleaf)

The Future of Cross-Linking and Immunoprecipitation (CLIP) (Jernej Ule, Hun-Way Hwang, and Robert B. Darnell)

Principles and Practices of Hybridization Capture Experiments to Study Long Noncoding RNAs That Act on Chromatin (Matthew D. Simon and Martin Machyna)


CRISPR Tools for Systematic Studies of RNA Regulation (Jesse Engreitz, Omar Abudayyeh, Jonathan Gootenberg, and Feng Zhang)

Drugging the RNA World (Matthew D. Disney, Brendan G. Dwyer, and Jessica L. Childs-Disney)

RNA Switches for Synthetic Biology (Calvin M. Schmidt and Christina D. Smolke)


Extensions, Extra Factors, and Extreme Complexity: Ribosomal Structures Provide Insights into Eukaryotic Translation (Melanie Weisser and Nenad Ban)

Structural Biology of Telomerase (Yaqiang Wang, Lukas Sušac, and Juli Feigon)

Structural Basis of Nuclear pre-mRNA Splicing: Lessons from Yeast (Clemens Plaschka, Andrew J. Newman, and Kiyoshi Nagai)

Structural Insights into Nuclear pre-mRNA Splicing in Higher Eukaryotes (Berthold Kastner, Cindy L. Will, Holger Stark, and Reinhard Lührmann)

Molecular Mechanisms of pre-mRNA Splicing through Structural Biology of the Spliceosome (Chuangye Yan, Ruixue Wan, and Yigong Shi)

Combining Mass Spectrometry (MS) and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy for Integrative Structural Biology of Protein-RNA Complexes (Alexander Leitner, Georg Dorn, and Frédéric H.-T. Allain)

Group II Intron RNPs and Reverse Transcriptases: From Retroelements to Research Tools (Marlene Belfort and Alan M. Lambowitz)

Alternate RNA Structures (Marie Teng-Pei Wu and Victoria D’Souza)


The Story of RNA Folding, as Told in Epochs (Daniel Herschlag, Steve Bonilla, and Namita Bisaria)

Coming Together: RNAs and Proteins Assemble under the Single-Molecule Fluorescence Microscope (Ameya P. Jalihal, Paul E. Lund, and Nils G. Walter)

Relating Structure and Dynamics in RNA Biology (Kevin P. Larsen, Junhong Choi, Arjun Prabhakar, Elisabetta Viani Puglisi, and Joseph D. Puglisi)

Single-Molecule Analysis of Reverse Transcriptase Enzymes (Linnea I. Jansson and Michael D. Stone)


Protocells and RNA Self-Replication (Gerald F. Joyce and Jack W. Szostak)

The Origin of Biological Homochirality (Donna G. Blackmond)

Beyond DNA and RNA: The Expanding Toolbox of Synthetic Genetics (Alexander I. Taylor, Gillian Houlihan, and Philipp Holliger)


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People interested in Molecular Biology.

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