Title Myths of Branding
Subtitle A Brand is Just a Logo, and Other Popular Misconceptions
Author Simon Bailey, Andy Milligan
ISBN 9780749483098
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Binding Paperback
No of pages 256
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Publishing year 2019
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“Enlightening, interesting and inspiring. Each sharp myth builds on the last to develop a deep insight into effective brand building.”

Philip Eaglesfield, UK President, Aston Martin Lagonda


“A comprehensive rebuttal of the myths that still endure about branding today.”

John Murphy, Founder, Interbrand


“An essential read for anyone looking to understand how brands work and how they should be managed.”

Andrew Barraclough, Vice President of Global Design, GSK


A brand is just a logo - everyone knows that, don’t they? After all, it’s not as though a good brand can save a bad business, and besides, the digital revolution is making branding irrelevant...

Myths of Branding, written by renowned branding experts Andy Milligan and Simon Bailey, explores the huge number of misguided, mistaken and blatantly false myths that abound in the branding arena. From the belief that developing brands is nothing more than fiddling with logos, to the perception that it’s a ‘soft’ area of marketing that doesn’t go beyond visual identity - these myths are all surprisingly entrenched, yet could not be further from the truth.

Myths of Branding takes the most up-to-date research and evidence to debunk these popular misconceptions, and replaces them with the reality of what it’s really like to work in the world of branding. Jam-packed with entertaining anecdotes and useful information that practitioners can learn from, it guarantees a deeper, sharper understanding of the realities of branding and brand management.


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Myth 1 Brands are just a way of charging you more for the same product

Myth 2 Once lost, trust can never be rebuilt

Myth 3 A strong brand can be used to prop up a bad business

Myth 4 Technology is diminishing the power of brands

Myth 5 Branding is just about the logo and advertising

Myth 6 Brands don’t have financial value

Myth 7 Differentiation is dead. Distinctiveness matters

Myth 8 The customer is always right

Myth 9 You need many decades to build a truly global brand

Myth 10 A brand is ‘owned’ by the marketing department

Myth 11 Brand purpose is just CSR by another name

Myth 12 Customers are seeking a personal relationship with your brand

Myth 13 Branding is subjective. It’s all fluff and art with no rigour and science

Myth 14 In certain types of business, brands don’t really matter

Myth 15 Branding has nothing to do with the customer experience

Myth 16 Branding is all about the product

Myth 17  Creating brand names is easy

Myth 18 Brands are just consumer goods

Myth 19 Brands are just about what happens on the outside

Myth 20 There is no such thing as brand loyalty



About the Authors:

Simon Bailey is partner at The Caffeine Partnership, an award-winning strategic consultancy which specialists in brand-led business growth. He is an experienced business leader, consultant and brand specialist who advises CEOs and senior professionals on how to use their brands to drive business growth. Simon Bailey was formerly the European CEO of Interbrand; prior to that he was the UK CEO of WPP agency the Brand Union. Simon has successfully led several businesses turn-arounds, helping to restore both profitability and market reputation. His agencies have twice been awarded ‘Agency of the Year’ by Marketing Magazine.

Andy Milligan is a leading international consultant on brand and business culture. He has worked for almost 20 years advising major organizations on strategies for brand building, customer experience and internal culture. Andy appears regularly in the media to comment on brand issues and as well as Uncommon Practice, he is co-author of Don’t Mess with the Logo and author of Brand it Like Beckham.

Target Audience:

An essential read for anyone looking to understand how brands work and how they should be managed.

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