Title Fast Facts About Forensic Nursing
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Author Meredith J. Scannell
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Helps nurses to enhance their forensic skills and apply them to their practice in all settings.

This is a succinct yet comprehensive guide to the rapidly expanding specialty of forensics nursing. Exploring the forensic nurse’s role in the gamut of patient care settings, the book is distinguished by its easy-to-read content comprised of bulleted lists, tables, and figures; short chapters; and convenient pocket size. This up-to-date, evidence-based resource addresses all facets of forensics nursing, including legal and ethical issues, conducting interviews, trauma-informed care, delivering expert testimony, documenting injuries, and collecting and preserving evidentiary substances for Medico-Legal purposes.

The book encompasses the wide range of injury and assault cases requiring the collection of forensic evidence in preparation for a legal case. This includes different types of sexual assault and violence, child maltreatment, elder maltreatment, bullying, interpersonal violence, gunshot wounds, community violence, human trafficking, terrorist acts, and mass disasters. With supporting case scenarios, the book describes step-by-step how to collect evidence and the proper procedure for handing over evidence once it is collected. Also included are verbatim descriptions of actual experiences forensic nurses have had while testifying.

Key Features:

  • Delivers broad content related to forensic nursing in easy-access Fast Facts style
  • Helps users to retrieve information at a moment’s notice with short chapters, bulleted lists, tables, and figures, all packaged in a portable, pocket size
  • Examines the forensic nurse’s role in all patient care settings
  • Explores the legalities and ethics surrounding provision of health care to and collecting evidence from patients injured due to criminal activity
  • Covers the range of injury and assault cases requiring the collection of forensic evidence in preparation for a legal case




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Part I. Overview of Forensic Nursing Principles and Practice

Chapter 1. History of Forensic Nursing (Meredith J. Scannell)

Chapter 2. Medical Examiner Investigator (Meredith J. Scannell)

Chapter 3. Principles of Evidence Collection and Preservation (Meredith J. Scannell)

Chapter 4. Providing Testimony in Forensic Cases (Barbara P. Madden)

Chapter 5. Trauma-Informed Care: Treating the Whole Person (Diane L. Miller)

Part II. Issues of Sexual and Interpersonal Violence

Chapter 6. Sexual Assault (Meredith J. Scannell)

Chapter 7. Military Sexual Trauma (Meredith J. Scannell)

Chapter 8. Campus Sexual Assault (Meredith J. Scannell)

Chapter 9. Interpersonal Violence (Meredith J. Scannell and Patricia A. Normandin)

Part III. Age-Related Violence

Chapter 10. Child Maltreatment (Kristine Ruggiero)

Chapter 11. Elder Maltreatment (Stacy Brady)

Chapter 12. Bullying (Meredith J. Scannell)

Part IV. Community and Global Violence

Chapter 13. Community Violence (Meredith J. Scannell)

Chapter 14. Strangulation (Andrea MacDonald)

Chapter 15. Human Trafficking (Andrea MacDonald)

Chapter 16. Gunshot Wounds (Meredith J. Scannell)

Chapter 17. Acts of Terrorism: Healthcare in the Age of Modern Terrorism (Yaeko Marie Karantonis)

Chapter 18. Mass Disasters (Corrine Foster and George E. Flores)


About the Author:

Meredith J. Scannell, PhD, MSN, MPH, CNM, SANE-A, CEN, is currently an assistant professor at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Institute of Health Professions and a staff nurse in the Center for Clinical Investigation and the Emergency Department at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. She received her certification as a sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE) in 2004 and is currently employed as a SANE in the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, conducting forensic examinations and evidence collection at seven Boston area hospitals. Dr. Scannell has published numerous articles on violence against women and women’s health and continues her research focus in HIV postexposure prophylaxis in the sexually assaulted individuals. She has developed a simulation course titled Sexual Assault Simulation Course for Healthcare Providers (SASH), which is an interprofessional course for nurses, doctors, and physician assistants in how to deliver care to sexually assaulted patients. She is also certified as a nurse midwife and has published on various topics related to pregnant women, and she has presented national and internationally on various topics.

Target Audience:

Useful for nurses to enhance their forensic skills and apply them to their practice in all settings.

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