Title Persuasive Copywriting, 2/e
Subtitle Cut Through the Noise and Communicate With Impact
Author Andy Maslen
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About the book


“If you’re someone who likes rules but likes breaking them more, this book is for you. Andy provides a balance of discussion, guidance and coaching, delivered with enough wit to make you spontaneously snort-laugh your way to great copywriting.”

— Elle Graham-Dixon, Head of Planning Global Ford, BBDO New York


Persuasive Copywriting will give your writing charisma. It refines your words so they hold your reader’s gaze, drawing on lessons from Ancient Greece to fMRI technology. It’s about more than how your copy can persuade and sell, though. Your writing will inspire, charm and comfort too.”

— Joe Fattorini, journalist and presenter of The Wine Show


“I rated Andy 10/10 as a speaker. I rate Persuasive Copywriting even higher. It has smashed into the essential reading list on our curriculum, for art directors as well as copywriters.”

— Marc Lewis, Dean, School of Communication Arts


“There is a crying need for good copy today because of the internet. Yet there is a dire shortage. If you wish to succeed, read this book at least three times. And if you have to judge copy, read it too. All good stuff, blessedly free of jargon.”

— Drayton Bird, the godfather of direct marketing


Persuasive Copywriting, second edition, is the ultimate copywriting survival guide for the 21st century. With the majority of creative professionals developing their skills on the job, it is notoriously difficult to benchmark successful copy. This book provides a step up for those who already know the basics, and are seeking more advanced, psychology-driven techniques to gain the competitive edge. With practical insight into human decision making and consumer engagement, it inspires the clear-cut confidence needed to create, quantify and sell stand out copy in a cluttered marketplace.

This second edition of Persuasive Copywriting complements the “how to” perspective of copywriting, with impressive interviews from leading ad agencies and copywriters across the globe, addressing day to day issues faced in a multitude of roles. Updates include practical advice to measure and benchmark effective copy, guidance on creating and critiquing briefs, plus four new chapters on how to weave copywriting skills into the wider industry. These cover particularly useful ground around storytelling, content marketing and the impact of evolving channels like mobile and social media. Practical and inspiring, it is a vibrant, all-encompassing guide to copywriting; an essential to every marketer’s bookshelf.


Interview with Steve Harrison



How to use this book

Introduction: How to write like an angel and sell like a demon

PART ONE: Copywriting in a 21st-century context: What now, where next? 

Chapter 1. Creativity: All shall win prizes or a genuinely marketable skill? • What is creativity? • Preparation • When should we apply creativity? • Is creative copywriting a red herring? • You’re a writer, so write! • How to escape rigid thinking and be more creative (or not) • 11 prejudices of copywriters • The merits of rigidity • Time to let go?

Chapter 2. The right and the wrong way to judge copy • It all starts with the brief • What to do when you have no brief/a bad brief • How to respond to a brief • How to ‘sell’ your ideas • The curse of subjectivity

Chapter 3. The impact of new channels: From mobile to social • What digital hasn’t changed • ... and what it has • How copywriting for digital affects the humble paragraph • What we write when we write social • Five thoughts on what to look for when writing for new media channels • Notes

Chapter 4. Blood brothers or ugly sisters: How do copy and content fit together? • Who stole my cheese? • Don’t tell physicists that gravity pulls things downwards • Show me the money • Measuring the value of content • The emperor’s new clothes • How to write compelling content • How to get your content read • SE0 or no? 

PART TWO: Motivation versus reason: Tapping into your customer’s deepest drives

Chapter 5. Harnessing the power of emotional copywriting to persuade your prospects • Introduction • How to communicate your emotions • What to do about ‘boring’ subjects • Introducing the steady-state and target emotions • Nineteen emotions and words/phrases that trigger them • The one emotion that rules them all • Mapping the range of emotions • How to communicate using emotional language • From theory to profit • Workshop • Putting it into action

Chapter 6. Three big ideas you should use for copy before highlighting the ‘benefits’ • Introduction • Using promises to engage the emotions • The secret codeword that unlocks your reader’s emotions • Why stories work – and how to tell them • From theory to profit • Workshop • Putting it into action

Chapter 7. A powerful process for developing customer empathy through copy • Introducing the five Ps of effective copywriting • Building a customer persona • Replicating the feel of a one-to-one conversation • Forget copywriting and try healing instead • The keyboard-free method of writing great copy • From theory to profit • Workshop • Putting it into action

Chapter 8. Copywriting hacks: Flattery will get you everywhere • Introduction • Nobody falls for flattery... or do they? • From theory to profit • Workshop • Putting it into action

Chapter 9. The Ancient Greek secret of emotionally engaging copy • Introduction • Three approaches, using ethos, pathos and logos • From theory to profit • Workshop • Putting it into action

Chapter 10. Copywriting and connecting on social media • Introduction • Eight aspects of social media • Ten rules for social media • Where social media and content marketing meet • Writing for mobile and social: The art of UBC • From theory to profit • Workshop • Putting it into action

Chapter 11. Creating calls to action: Top Tips to bring home the bacon • Introduction • Twenty-six calls to action • From theory to profit • Workshop • Putting it into action

PART THREE: The pleasure principle: Making your writing more enjoyable and compelling

Chapter 12. Balancing pleasure and profit: Five techniques to write fantastic copy • Introduction • How to make your copy pleasurable to read • Repetition reinforces your point • Seven copywriting traps and how to avoid them • From theory to profit • Workshop • Putting it into action

Chapter 13. How to engage your imagination and free your creativity • Introduction • First question: how do the ideas get`in there’ in the first place? • Second question: how do we get the ideas ‘out of there’? • A practical tool for generating ideas • Another technique – word games • And another – resonance • One more – linguistic precision • From theory to profit • Workshop • Putting it into action

Chapter 14. Tone and technique in copy: Finding your voice (and that of others) • Introduction • How to modify your tone of voice • Five simple tools for getting tone of voice pitch-perfect • From theory to profit • Workshop • Putting it into action

Chapter 15. The definitive guide to when grammar matters in copywriting • Introduction • Two views on the importance of grammar • Are you a poet or a killer? • From theory to profit • Workshop • Putting it into action

Chapter 16. Injecting life into your sales pitch: An age-old method • Introduction • Six places where drama works in copywriting • How to do it in three easy steps • When to use pictures instead of words • Seven places where pictures add value to copy • Three questions to ask yourself about images • From theory to profit • Workshop • Putting it into action 

Afterword: The XYZ of copywriting


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About the Author:

Andy Maslen is Managing Director of Sunfish, a writing agency specialising in corporate communications, direct marketing and digital content, plus CEO of the Andy Maslen Copywriting Academy. A lifetime fellow of the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing, Maslen works globally with clients such as the NHS, The Prudential, The Economist, BBC Worldwide, Hamleys, The London Stock Exchange, the RSPB, The New York Times Company and PricewaterhouseCoopers. He is co-founder of the Copy Cabana conference and a bestselling author of numerous fiction and non-fiction books.

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