Title Viva Computer Dot Com 4
Subtitle Lab Activities • Project Work • Olympiad Practice Based on Windows 10, MS Office 2016
Author Niranjana VS, Shalini Bhatnagar
ISBN 9789388386333
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Binding Paperback
No of pages 116
Book size 216 x 279 mm
Publishing year 2019
Original publisher Viva Education
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About the book


Computer Dot Com is a series of 10 books for classes 1 to 10. The series is based on the guidelines introduced by CBSE as well as the syllabi of other major board of education.

What makes Computer Dot Com special?

  • We will Learn About: List of topics to be learnt
  • Activity: Warm up activity given to assess the previous learning of concepts
  • Discuss and Learn: Discussion-based questions given to enhance thinking skills
  • Gain Knowledge: Additional information given to enhance knowledge
  • Think and Answer: In-text questions to help students revise the concepts learnt in the class
  • Brainstorm: Questions based on thinking skills given
  • Do and Learn: Sample stepwise lab activities given to help students understand the concepts
  • Computer Etiquette: Computer ethics and manners to be followed while working on a computer
  • Tech Words: Definitions of important terms given at the end of the chapter
  • Quick Recall: Summary of the chapter given for quick revision
  • Exercise Time: Objective and subjective questions included under various segments
  • Apply Your Knowledge: Thought-provoking questions to assess the application of knowledge and enhance thinking skills in students
  • In the Lab: Interesting lab activities given to assess the application of concepts
  • Computer Fun: Sample practical-questions, projects and activities given to strengthen the understanding of concepts
  • Activity Corner: Hands-on activities and projects given to enhance observation, imagination and creativity of children, and promote group work
  • Test Yourself: Question bank given at the end of the book to help students prepare for examination
  • Practice Olvmpiad Sheet: Practice Olympiad questions given to prepare students for Computer Olympiad


Interactive Learning App

  • Activities
  • Exercises
  • Technopedia
  • Points to Remember
  • Printable Worksheets


Teacher’s Resource

  • Detailed Teacher’s Manual
  • Teacher’s App
  • Online worksheets at www.vivadigital.in


Download Teacher’s Support Material at www.vivadigital.in



Chapter 1. History of Computers (With: Discuss and Learn Gain Knowledge Brainstorm Think and Answer )• Early Calculating Devices • Mechanical Counting Devices • Electromechanical Counting Devices • Electronic Counting Device • Modern Calculating Devices or Computers • The First Digital Electronic Computer – ABC • ENIAC and UNIVAC

Chapter 2. Know Your Computer (With: Discuss and Learn Gain Knowledge Brainstorm Think and Answer ) • Hardware • Software • Storing Data in a Computer

Chapter 3. More on Windows 10 (With: Discuss and Learn Gain Knowledge Brainstorm Think and Answer) • Features of Windows • Starting Windows • Working with Folders • Using Context Menu

Chapter 4. More on Scratch (With: Discuss and Learn Gain Knowledge Brainstorm Think and Answer )• Scratch • Components of Scratch Window • Working with Blocks • Adding a New Sprite • Working with Two Sprites

Chapter 5. Editing a Document in Word 2016 (With: Discuss and Learn Gain Knowledge Brainstorm Think and Answer) • Starting Word 2016 • Working with Word 2016 • Editing a Document • Checking Spelling and Grammar • Thesaurus • Page Formatting

Chapter 6. Formatting a Document (With: Discuss and Learn Gain Knowledge Brainstorm Think and Answer ) • Character Formatting • Using the Font Group of the Home Tab • Changing Font Typeface, Size and Colour • Changing Text Alignment • Bullets and Numbers • Applying Border and Shading • Applying Drop Cap Effect

Chapter 7. Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 (With: Discuss and Learn Gain Knowledge Brainstorm Think and Answer) • Microsoft PowerPoint • Starting PowerPoint 2016 • Creating a New Presentation • Adding Text in a Slide • Inserting Pictures • Making Changes in a Slide • Views of Slides • Saving a Presentation

Chapter 8. Multimedia and Internet (With: Discuss and Learn Gain Knowledge Brainstorm Think and Answer) • Multimedia • Uses of Multimedia • Types of Multimedia • Requirement of a Multimedia System • Installing a Multimedia CD-ROM • Windows Media Player • Applications of Multimedia • Internet • Connecting to the Internet • Some Important Term Related to the Internet • Search Engines     

About the Authors:

Niranjana VS (MSc, BSc, BEd) has got more than 15 years of experience in computer education and is currently teaching in a reputed school in Thrissur, Kerala as the Head of the Department (Computer Science).

Shalini Bhatnagar has an MCA degree and over 17 years experience in teaching in a reputed school in New Delhi. For over 8 years, she has been an examiner for evaluation of theory and practical examinations for class 12.

Target Audience:

Students of CBSE Class 4.


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