Title Using Artificial Intelligence in Marketing
Subtitle How to Harness AI + Maintain the Competitive Edge
Author Katie King
ISBN 9780749483395
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Artificial intelligence (AI) marketing is paving the way for the future of marketing and business transformation, yet many organizations struggle to know exactly how and where to integrate it. With AI forecasted to boost global GDP by 14% by 2030, an efficient and sustainable AI marketing strategy is now essential to avoid losing the competitive edge. Using Artificial Intelligence in Marketing provides the definitive, practical framework needed for marketers to identify, apply and embrace the opportunity to maximize the results and business advancement that AI can bring.

Streamlining efficiencies into every business practice, AI automates simpler, repetitive tasks with unrivalled accuracy, allowing sales and marketing teams to return their attention to where human interaction is most valuable: strategy, creativity and personal connection. Using Artificial Intelligence in Marketing outlines key marketing benefits such as accurate market research samples, immediate big data insights and brand-safe content creation, right through to the on-demand customer service that is now expected 24/7. It also explores the inevitable myths, concerns and ethical questions that can arise from the large-scale adoption of AI. This book is an essential read for every 21st century marketer.


About the author


Chapter 1: The AI wake-up call: the strategic transition of marketing • Dispelling AI myths • No brakes; no reversing • AI: friend or foe for the marketer? • Redefining creativity and increasing agility • Continuous learning • AI heatwave • Epochal change • Marketing’s new Holy Grail • Joined up thinking • Gartner: the demand for AI • The Gartner Hype Cycle • The power of innovative ideas versus capital • Exciting chaos • Changing the face of PR • AI: the clever child • Renouncing problem solving • Privacy and personification • Fear and paranoia • The big questions • Looking to the future • Practical takeaways checklist: top 10 tips • References

Chapter 2: The personalization paradox: global appetite for AI and the changing customer journey • The push and pull of marketing • The changing customer journey • AI marketing map 2018 • Analysing the customer journey • Bots as a Service • Personalization • Finding correlations • Practical takeaways checklist: top 10 tips

Chapter 3: Transformational marketing and AI in tourism: a glimpse at the Asia Pacific region • How AI is heightening customer experience in air travel • The future of AI in travel • Case study from tourism • Japan and China forums • AI is here, and it’s coming to a hotel near you soon • Resisting change • Hunger for AI in Asia Pacific • Standing on the shoulders of giants • Marketing disruption • Retooling in a technological world • Practical takeaways checklist: top 10 tips • References

Chapter 4: Transformational marketing and AI in Europe: case studies from telecoms, banking and built environment • Many levels of distortion • The transformational mindset • Resisting change • Transformation in real estate • Practical takeaways checklist: top 10 tips • References

Chapter 5: Transformational marketing and AI in North America: case studies from banking and retail • The personalization paradox • Are we witnessing a reversal? • Dilemma for CMOs: knowing where to turn • A future of self-regulation • Digital workplaces • Redefining the rules of restaurant management • Practical takeaways checklist: top 10 tips • References

Chapter 6: Transformational marketing and AI in technology and venture capital – with a special focus on the Middle East • Dubai and AI • Venture capital: pouring money into AI • Practical takeaways checklist: top 10 tips • References

Chapter 7: Framework for success: democratization of AI • Understanding your data • Judgement and decision-making • Human judgement • Abdication • Accountability • Take advantage of what’s out there • Outward looking view • Unleash the potential of AI • Marketing ecosystems • Cultivating openness • One step at a time • Ten steps for AI in marketing success • AI in marketing scorecard • Reference

Chapter 8: The new marketing paradigm: reinventing the role of marketing, ethics and transparency • The CMO’s rise to fame • Reskilling for AI • Customer centric value • Views from the public relations industry bodies • Future proofing for AI • Tech, AI and tools vs skills in PR • Lessening the burden of minutia • Disrupting the market research sector with AI • Market research in China and the UK using AI • Practical takeaways checklist: top 10 tips • References

Chapter 9: The future of marketing has arrived: AI’s wider impact on education, policy and politics • Scratching the surface • Farewell to dirty, dull and dangerous? • Increased productivity • Redundancy of human beings • Rising inequality • Algocracy • Ethical matters • What about ‘its’ rights? • When does it become dangerous? • Resilience • Are humans ready for help by AI? • Trust • AI that diffuses • Regulation and responsibility • Exploratory phase • Lack of diversity • Alan Turing’s prescience • How far will it go? • Teaching ethics • Practical takeaways checklist: top 10 tips • References



About the Author:

Katie King is a CEO and Business Transformation consultant with over 28 years experience. She has advised many of the world’s leading brands and business leaders, including Richard Branson, o2, Orange, Accenture, PA Consulting, Arsenal Football Club and Harrods. Katie King has delivered numerous TEDx talks, and is a frequent commentator on BBC TV and radio as well as being a regular speaker on the international conference circuit.

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