Title International Supply Chain Relationships
Subtitle Creating Competitive Advantage in a Globalized Economy
Author Patrick Daly
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Multinational corporations have developed networks of production that stretch across the globe. They have done this in order to maximize their ability to service their customers in markets worldwide, exploit greater opportunities for growth, maximize their profitability and increase their business value. It is the strength and quality of the relationships and connections that we build with other players that will ultimately determine the effectiveness and the success of our business. International Supply Chain Relationships looks at these complex connections, covering long-term inter-organizational relationships, situational inter-organizational relationships, multi-disciplinary global engineering teams, technologies and innovations, supply chain communication, supply chain coordination, and future trends.

International Supply Chain Relationships aims to provide supply chain practitioners in any type of business with ideas, tools and strategies that they can readily access, interpret and put into practice speedily and pragmatically to create value for their own international business. In many instances, supply chain projects bring together people from different disciplines who may come from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. Add in long distances and different time zones and the complexities and challenges of sustaining successful working relationships increase even more. This book provides case studies which illustrate how to manage these arrangements effectively.


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Chapter 1: The globalization of business and the supply chain management concept • What is globalization? • What are the implications of globalization for your business? • The supply chain concept, sounds great in theory but… • The interface crucible: supply chain relationships where the rubber meets the road • The seven pragmatic steps to success • Summary • References

Chapter 2: The world is not flat: geography still matters • Where in the world? • Threat and opportunity • Nodes, hubs and poles of attraction • Doing your homework – seven steps to success • Summary • References

Chapter 3: Culture: an evolutionary strategy for success • What is culture? • A practical framework for building international business relationships • Summary • References

Chapter 4: We’re getting hitched: long-term inter-organizational relationships • Transformation of the global economy • Inter-organizational relationships • The importance of clear objectives • The CRUDA metrics • Summary • References

Chapter 5: Let’s make a movie: situational inter-organizational relationships • Multidisciplinary teams • Skills requirements • Technology and applications • Examples of short-term collaborative working arrangements • Summary • Reference

Chapter 6: Why bother? the whole is greater than the sum of the parts • Systems thinking • Governance and control • Summary • References

Chapter 7: Do you speak my language? supply chain communication • English and other business languages • Translation and language acquisition • Corporate language strategies • Summary • References

Chapter 8: Right stuff, right place, right time: supply chain coordination • Getting it there • Internationalization strategies • Supply chain logistics • Future trends • Summary • References

Chapter 9: Finger on the pulse: control and measurement • Control and governance • The importance of measurement • Measurements systems and benchmarking performance • Summary • References

Chapter 10: Looking around the block: future trends • Automation and robotics • Integration of information and communications technologies • More smaller businesses trading internationally • Increase in international trade and free trade agreements • Innovation in capacity and infrastructure provision • Final note • References


About the Author:

Patrick Daly has been a consultant for almost twenty years working in international supply chain and logistics with some of the world’s top international corporations including PepsiCo Worldwide Flavours, Pfizer, Proctor & Gamble, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck Millipore and many more. Patrick has worked with these clients all around the world including China, India, Middle East, Europe, North America and South America.

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Useful for people interested in Supply Chain.

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