Title Customer Innovation, 2/e
Subtitle Delivering a Customer-Led Strategy for Sustainable Growth
Author Marion Debruyne, Koen Tackx
ISBN 9780749484187
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Publishing year 2019
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About the book

Many organizations approach customer-centic marketing and innovating their business strategy in isolation to one another, missing groundbreaking opportunities for advancement. Customer Innovation, second edition, turns this on its head by starting with the customer, innovating around their needs, then building a customer led business strategy around it. It presents a well-constructed three-by-three formula of connect, convert, collaborate, laying the foundations for innovation and change, to improve the current customer journey and expand into new customer horizons. This enables new product and service development to flow with outstanding efficiency and substantial growth.

Customer Innovation, second edition, includes exciting updates around co-creation and the benefits of involving customers, stakeholders and employees from the beginning. It provides guidance on using technology to reinvent traditional business models, with consumer needs at the heart. With a spectacular range of case studies, including Disney, LEGO and Johnson & Johnson, all delivered with active takeaways, this is the ultimate handbook for any leader, business or marketing strategist, ready to pave the way in a new era of customer led strategy.


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Introduction: connect–convert–collaborate: how to build a customer-driven innovation journey • Connect • Convert • Collaborate • The strategic case for customer understanding and market insight • The antecedents • Desperately seeking • Firm-centric paradigm versus customer-centred perspective • How to read this book • Notes

PART ONE: The zoom lens – Laying the foundation for outside-in strategy

Chapter 1: Connect using the zoom lens: five practices to zoom in on your customer • Establish a feedback loop from customers • Immersive customer understanding • Using every source of information you have • Customers as a source of ideas • Customers as developers • Organizing the customer connection • Conclusion • In short • Get started • Notes

Chapter 2: Convert using the zoom lens: how to create a culture of daily innovation • Harness the potential of incremental innovation • Leverage a connected development model • Close the customer feedback loop • Make innovation organization wide • In short • Get started • Notes

Chapter 3: Collaborate using the zoom lens: placing the customer at the heart of your activities • Building a bridge between the inside and the outside • Harvest all customer roles • Towards a truly customer-oriented culture • Conclusion • In short • Get started • Notes

PART TWO: The wide lens – How to innovate your current customer journey

Chapter 4: Connect using the wide lens: understanding your customers’ journey, goals and outcomes • How to enhance the existing customer journey • An opportunity to innovate by rethinking the customer journey entirely • Rethink segmentation • In short • Get started • Notes

Chapter 5: Convert using the wide lens: creating innovative solutions to the challenges that customers face • What is solution thinking? • The outside-in value proposition • The integration solution • The disintegration solution • The solution-focused organization • The trap of competence thinking • In short • Get started • Notes

Chapter 6: Collaborate using the wide lens: creating customer value by collaborating along the value chain • Connect downstream value with upstream collaboration • Defining the assets that ensure your role in the ecosystem • Re-create the value chain • In short • Get started • Notes

PART THREE: The fisheye lens – Expanding your customer base to new horizons

Chapter 7: Connect using the fisheye lens: how to learn from customers you don’t have • Learn from the customers you don’t have • The competitors of the future • Traps to be avoided – on blinkers and biases • Driving attention to the outside • How to exploit the fisheye lens • In short • Get started • Notes

Chapter 8: Convert using the fisheye lens: should business-model innovation be on your agenda? • Business-model innovation: fad or fab? • The enemies of business-model innovation • How to organize to enable new business creation • On persistence and patience • In short • Get started • Notes

Chapter 9: Collaborate using the fisheye lens: creating adaptable ecosystems for change and expansion • Embracing uncertainty • Orchestrating ecosystems • Agility versus commitment – a balancing act • Platformization of industries • In short • Get started • Notes

PART FOUR: Conclusion

Chapter 10: Conclusion – three essential capabilities: the playbook for continual customer-based growth • Step 1 – Connect • Step 2 – Convert • Step 3 – Collaborate • Notes


About the Authors:

Prof. Dr. Marion Debruyne is Dean of Vlerick Business School, Belgium, ranked within the Financial Times Top 100 Business Schools. She is the Director of Masters Programs as well as academic director of the executive open enrolment program Product Management. She also teaches the Marketing Management course in the full-time and part-time executive MBA programmes.

Dr. Koen Tackx is a professor of strategic marketing at Vlerick Business School, Belgium where his main focus is on how companies can create superior value for their customers. Before joining the academic world, he held several executive positions in different service industries.

Target Audience:

Useful for any leader, business or marketing strategist, ready to pave the way in a new era of customer led strategy.

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