Title Public Influence
Subtitle A Guide to Op-Ed Writing and Social Media Engagement
Author Mira Sucharov
ISBN 9781487587451
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No of pages 232
Book size 152 x 228 mm
Publishing year 2019
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“Mira Sucharov’s book gets at the heart of what it takes to be an engaged scholar in today’s social media world. With many practical tidbits, Sucharov’s book helps someone trained to speak to small audiences and write tomes to navigate the world of op-eds, blogs, and Twitter. The book’s sage advice is a great addition to any professionalization course.”

Amanda Murdie, Dean Rusk Scholar of International Relations and Professor of International Affairs, School of Public and International Affairs, University of Georgia


How can twenty-first-century scholars and other experts craft their voices for audiences beyond their peers? In Public Influence, political scientist Mira Sucharov walks readers through the ins and outs of op-ed writing and social media engagement.

Presented in a lively and engaging style, Public Influence coaches readers on the best approach to pitching and writing op-eds and other related analytical pieces, managing the ensuing conversation, conveying informed ideas to an evidence-resistant audience, avoiding social media hazards in an increasingly polarized environment, harnessing outrage culture to organize sensitively and intelligently, and using political labels in ways that cut through the noise.

Enlivened with discussions of an array of hot-button issues and examples of public influence succeeding wildly and going terribly awry, Public Influence is essential reading for anyone who wants to harness the opportunities of public engagement in a dynamic digital age.



Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Saying What You Want to the Right Audience

Chapter 3. Developing Ideas and Pitching an Op-Ed

Chapter 4. Writing an Effective Op-Ed and Managing the Ensuing Conversation

Chapter 5. Finding the Right Platform: Op-Eds, Blogs, Social Media, Podcasts, and Other Outlets

Chapter 6. Striking an Effective Online Voice

Chapter 7. Avoiding the Echo Chamber and Communicating Your Ideas to an Evidence-Resistant Audience

Chapter 8. What You Need to Know about Political Labels

Chapter 9. Sharpening Your Public Engagement

Chapter 10. Dealing with Social Media Blowback

Chapter 11. Navigating Personal Relationships through Political Debate

Chapter 12. Conclusion

Appendix: How to Assign Op-Eds in a Research-Oriented Course (with Practice Exercises)




About the Author:

Mira Sucharov is Associate Professor of Political Science at Carleton University. She is the author of The International Self: Psychoanalysis and the Search for Israeli-Palestinian Peace (2005) as well as many articles and op-eds on Israeli-Palestinian dynamics, Jewish politics, pedagogy, and reflections on the craft of being a scholar-blogger.

Target Audience:

Useful for anyone who wants to harness the opportunities of public engagement in a dynamic digital age. Also useful for people interested in Media Studies, Op-Ed Writing and Political Science.

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